Want To Get Involved In A weekly NE Ohio Ice Fishing Get Together?

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by bassmastermjb, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. bassmastermjb

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    Regarding the thread Milton/Berlin there is mention of guys wanting to fish different bodies of water. Hell, I'm all for it and love to ice fish.I would be able to either pass along information on where the fish have been biting or we can just make plans and wing it to try someplace different than we normally fish.This would also be a great place for those that do not ice fish, but would like to give it a try.When you get a good group of guys together there will always be room for an extra guy or 2.This way they will be able to see the difference between ice shanties, Vexilars, augers, boots, clothing,ice gear and so on.We will be able to communicate through OGF and whoever wants to show up will be more than welcome.This would also be a great way to make new friends or to find someone who lives close to you that have the same interests.I will also be able to supply the bait at a reduced cost as I carry everything that is in season from maggots to pike shiners and everything in between.I found myself watching you-tube ice fishing videos for a couple hours early this evening and then the Milton/Berlin thread came up.Now I'm really pumped for the ice season and can't wait for the hardwater season to begin.................Mark
  2. great idea!!!not sure what all lakes would be involved but i would hope that if we come up there you would also come down here with us to piedmont,tappan etc.!!! we got our shanties off you 3-4 years ago...bought 6 of them( hunters veiw ) that the basses needed attention(store returns)...little funky to set-up but have really held up well!! love them and for the deal you gave us it was a steal!! thanks!! and as soon as we get ice i'm in!!:B

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    Wave, there's no reason we can't travel south.On the flipside,if the price of gas stays where it's at, I'll be getting a PA license and will be visiting a place called Presque Island a couple times a month(if not more).I haven't fished it the past 3 years, time to play catch-up............Mark
  4. Lewzer

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    I'm in! I won't be able to show every weekend but I'm sure I can make a few outings. My favorite ice fishing lakes are Piedmont, Atwood and Mosquito.
  5. I'm in I think it is a great idea, to show the basics to the newer icefishers and a way to get new ideas and meet members. And with gas down as much as it is I am willing to make further drives.
  6. tomb

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    Where are people using the pike shiners your selling? I'd love to join people on a pike trip. Tried a few places in the past, only caught bass. I'm prepared w/ 6 tipups and quick strike rigs.

    I have enough gear to equip one other person no matter where a group trip is planned.
  7. hearttxp

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    Sounds Good To Me also ! My only thing is if this winter stays cold we could be on Erie sooner than later. And once that happens I'll be out there.
    Might even be helping a friend out running his Airboat guide service ?
    I sure hope it Stays COLD.
  8. leadcorebean

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    im good to fish atleast 2-3 nights aweek but nothing past 10pm. mark when u wanna goto presque let me know ill drive.


    if your friend has any open seats on the airboat let me know. send me a price list when u get some time ive always wanted to try it.
  9. chaunc

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    Mark, mind if some PA guys join in on the trips? My ice club has been talking about traveling all fall.:) We do skeeter and PI about 6 times a season. Shenango is our home lake. Your PA license for PI, will also allow you to fish Shenango.... all year too. We've even talked about taking the airboat out on erie this season.
  10. bassmastermjb

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    Tomb, most fishermen here use the shiners in the Cuyahoga River throughout the winter for the pike.They are also used by bass & walleye fishermen through the ice.

    Chaunc-the more the merrier and there is always more safety in numbers when on the ice.Ever been out to Presque and see 20-30 shanties in a big circle.The grills are smoking with eggs, sausage and bacon for breakfast. Burgers ,brawts, stews and chilis in the afternoons. Looks like a good time to be had by all.It really doesn't matter to me where we go.As long as I'm out of the house sitting on the ice I'm content..........Mark

    The best part of this I can see would be the carpooling.It would cut down on the expenses even more!!!!!!!!

    I've always wanted to do a Western Erie trip.Can't even imagine pulling 8-10lb eyes out of a hole.
  11. I'd be in too, probably not every weekend. i also am always lookin for someone to fish with me at Sandy lake (private) in Rootstown, my family owns a cottage out there, great fishin jus a little hard to find the crappie in the winter, could only take a few people at a time with me but as long as the seaons good we'll be out there often. bluegills galore we have caught five gallon buckets full in only a couple hours and most of then are good sized. plus we would figure out where the crappie are and they are all pretty decent sized in there. i've always wanted to try a "new" lake the carpooling idea is a good one. pm me or post it if your interested in comming with me
  12. Power,
    Try to find deeper water, Also crappies are usually suspended so try to keep off of the bottom. They like to feed above them meaning they like to rise for there food instead of going down. Also small jigging spoons or jigginraps are great on the ice. You can't go wrong with minnows either.
  13. ParmaBass

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    Gitty up!! I'm in.... All I have to do is put this new Eskimo shanty together! I too hope gas prices stay where they're at this Winter. I'd love to try out Presque Isle for a weekend or 5!
  14. count me in i usually stick to ponds and small lakes mainly because of the time window you get and i dont have much luck on larger water.... but i;m up for any advice
  15. im in. and i got 3 or 4 buddies who will be in too that are members on here they dont get on here very often. id love to hit presq. and def erie. and anywhere else.
  16. fishintechnician

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    i would like to give it a shot i don't have any tackle/rods/auger but what i need i could pick up and i would aslo be willing to drive i haven't ice fished in 10 years or better. i have always wanted to get back in it but never have
  17. yeah we have caught them in the deeper water (about 20FOW fish are at about 10-12ft) on minows but its like theres only a few of them in each spot you can fish all day and only catch 10 in one spot and if you move on them its hit or miss like normal i don't know what their deal is
  18. My work schedule may limit my ability to join up, but I'd certainly consider meeting more cold water fishing nuts.
  19. mrphish42

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    Mark......I have the other names from earlier contacts......and it's great to be hearing from guys that are eager to try and expand their horizons...and the list is growing.......and we can't even get on the hardwater yet. PS. Hope Big Daddy isn't to much out of it (health wise)because as it is said " let the dancin begin" and we need all the help he can muster up.....We will give him all the support that can be mustered up here at OGF........besides guys look forward to his seminars....... Jon SR.
  20. mrphish42

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    Mark.....Right now we have about 20 + contacts that are interested and some like Chaunc.....also know some others........If mother nature is good to us, and give us that good ice we've been looking for......there are enough guys to make trips fun/interesting/idea sharing/ and a learning experience, for all that can make any given location.....Who knows, we don't have ice yet and there is this much interest.....Might still pick-up others.....Like you said, the more the merrier. Me, I'm looking forward to the shared interest part of such a diverse group of people...... Jon Sr.