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    Badrad1532 Erie is a Mother

    Lake erie Only

    One more thing, Il pay if I have too for gas or a small fee for bait. It would be best if it's walleye or smallmouths. I want to learn how too. But i know how to kill the perch too. Perching is my best game other then largemouths. Il go at 6am or 6 pm , whenever. I just cant get enough time on the lake before it freezes

    Location: Right on Lake Erie, Near Chagrin River
    Anyone Have an Open Seat anytime tomarrow 07/30/08 for anything


    07/30/08 anytime. I want to fish but I think my father is taking the boat to Geneva on the Lake. I am dying to fish as much as Possible. I fish and am a diehard serious fisherman. Im in the Lake county Cleveland Area. Im a 23 yr old dude who will get out on the Lake , Through in Some Skoal . And Fish until the lake is too bad or the sun sets. Im all about fishing. The thing I hate most, People who go out fishing, who only want to fish for an hour or if the fish arent biting go in. Im all about making fishing a day thing. PM me or Post here