Want to Fish Wolf Run - in a boat any pointers ?

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  1. Hey Guys , Me and the wife are wanting to get the boat out and try to hit Wolf Run tommorrow. The only problems are that I am clueless what to fish for and how to fish for them . Are the crappie usually active right now ? This trout release they just had , any point and still try for them ? Any help would be great. Thanks
  2. You will be faced with a lot of muddy water. I have fished it a good bit and never fished for the Crappie tho. There will be a lot of the Trout to still be had,but if I was going I would be targeting the Largemouth. You can get them this time of year on shad-raps. There are Saugeyes in there as well.

  3. What would the trout and saugeye's be chasing. Only trout fishing I am used to is with rooster tails or light flies. I have nver fished for the saugeye's before but would love to get one or two , I hear they are very good eating.
  4. People always used corn or cheese for the Trout, but I hear the Powerbait works real well. I have also saw them trolling spinners from their boats as well. I get Saugeyes out of Seneca and Salt Fork on jigs tipped with bass minnows. I would think they work there as well this time of year. They have been stocking the Eyes in there for 5-6 years now so there should be some eaters ready by now.
  5. Well it seems that I can not locate any minnnows for tommorow's fishing trip to Wolf Run. Is there any point to try night crawlers for anything this time of year. I was wanting to try for crappie and saugeye's , well not really true I would like to get anything:eek: I think I can also get some wax worms to try.
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    If you want to catch crappies and you don't have minnows, don't be worried. Try using a 1/16th oz. lead-head jig with a twister tail. Me and a friend caught and released over 200 crappie back around 1984 in one afternoon using this presentation. Everyone else was spending time changing their minnows. We just kept on casting our jigs about 1-ft. below a bobber.
    Good luck!
  7. Thanks , not sure if I have any twister tails for my jog heads but I do have soon short chub type jigs , should I work these in any particular pattern or set soon up and let it hang at the same depth. I am thinking about drifting the deeper water channels to try and locate some fish , we went out to the lake tonight to take a look and it was kind of muddy but very high.
  8. Well we just got back fom Wolf Run after spending 6 plus hours out there. We tried everything waxies,corn,found some minnows, rooster tails etc. And all we ended up with was 1 crappie , seen alot of fish around 20' but could not get anything to hit. Oh well better than sitting in the house all day. Only seen a couple of the trout caught , was very very muddy.
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    yea, let it clear up a couple days and you can feel the boat with fish.
  10. I hope so , but it looks like some more weather moving in over this week-end.:mad:
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    sparkywest28 sparkywest28

    did you try the upper right arm?that seems to clear up first.
  12. No , I think we stopped short of it since I started to wonder how much more battery I had left and we had to head back to the launch in the wind the whole way. I noticed today that most of the local creeks had cleared up but were just high. Might try it again on Monday if the weather works.