Want to buy waders, never used them before.

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  1. So i got some cmas cash i want to use on buying some waders. I'm thinking breathable might be the best thing for me. I want to fish Spring, Summer, & into the early Fall. Storing them i have doubts about as i live in a townhouse, so would probably need to be able to fold them after they're dry and store them in a closet somewhere, and hopefully not stink up everything in the closet. Any advice & tips are most welcome.

    ......also will be fishing rocky to dirt for the ground conditions.
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    make sure you get the belt and suspenders, or at least the suspenders. Some waders come with a string to tie em and you will spend more time pulling the top up then fishing. You can buy belts and suspenders to fit about every pair so if you see a pair you like that does not come with em its np. I don't use mine to often since I got a small boat but when I do I just towel dry and fold em back into the original box.

  3. I've always owned Cabela's brand breathables. A lot cheaper than brands like Simms. Granted, Simms uses Gore-Tex, and Cabela's doesn't, it's not that big of a deal to me. Waders have a tendency to get trashed, hung up on branches, etc. and I feel a lot better about wearing $100-150 waders than $400 for that reason.

    I've always used breathable because I think they're more comfortable. For like steelhead in the winter you can always put more layers on underneath to stay warm.

    I also always go with stocking-foot. They seem to last longer. I've seen alot of boot-foots crack and leak around the welds at the top of the boot. But mostly it's much easier to walk in, and hike to the river with actual boots, rather than having your feet clunk around in boots you can't tighten up around your feet.

    I think I currently have an older version of the Cabela's "Gold Medal Dry-Plus" Waders. Mine are brown, have an external and internal pocket at the chest, came with a belt and I recall costing less than $150 2 years ago. No leaks yet, and I've used them a lot.

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    I picked up a pair of these off ebay about a month ago. The price is hard to beat and the quality is good also! Not sure of the size you'd need, these are medium. I went with a size bigger than normal to make sure that all the extra clothes I wear in the Winter would fit inside. I also found a pair of Redhead wading boots for $15. So for around $70 I got a pretty good setup.

  5. LL Bean makes very good waders at reasonable prices. Their warrantee is good and they honor it.
  6. I would go on ebay, I got a $200 pair of waders for $70.
  7. Thanks for the responses. Those chota waders look nice, so now to find a nice boot to go along with them.
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    Keep and eye on them. The larger sizes were $44.99 buy it now when I bought mine a month ago. All the ones on there now are $119 for the larger sizes. The seller I bought mine off of had alot of stock when I bought mine. He's still on, but only has small sizes, mabey he'll be back with more of a selection of sizes, his name on Ebay is chase6576, might want to send him an Email and ask him if he has any more.
  9. Thanks for the info Parma. I probably need the XL size, im tall boy, with a gut......

    ...on boots with the sock foot for wader's do i need to go up a size or two when i purchase wading boots? or are they already sized up and meant to fit a 11" foot for example with room for more?
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    I'm 5'10" and 215lbs....I needed the XL too! I went up almost 2 sizes in the boots. I normally wear a 9-9 1/2 and bought a size 11 and they fit nicely with a little room to spare with the heavy socks.