Want to buy spiders or other panfish flies

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  1. Yes, I know there is a market forum, but this is applies to this forum more than that one.

    I have a flyrod, but I couldn't consider myself a fly fisher. I just want to try and catch some bluegills and want to buy some spiders. I bought some I bought from Kmart, but i've since lost them to the trees/weeds/grass. :)

    I'm looking for about 2 dozen spider/bugs for panfish, various colors / shape. If someone can make them @ better than Ebay prices I'm interested. I live in Akron and will pickup local if possible.

    Disclaimer: Any flies used by me will likely end up in the trees/grass or everywhere but the water, be sure to kiss it goodbye before you deliver.

  2. Don't overlook the poppers sold in 10 packs at Walmart... the simple ones...they run 1.87 a pack.

  3. In the little blue dial case, yep I have some. In fact I think i'll go grab one tonight.
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    That is a good source of cheap flies there. can't go wrong with that. Although I make some nice flies but I couldn't sell them as cheap as on Ebay cause I use good quality hooks and are so much more durable. Need to keep them out of trees!:)
  5. Mike,
    Let me get through my "time crunch" this month & I'll fix you up with some flies....no charge, just helping another fly fisher.
  6. I know you mentioned ebay, my friend ties on there under proflyshop. He has some great patterns and ties a really cool crawfish great for panfish and bass. He doesn't charge much at all, usually well under a dollar a piece. I like using woolybuggers in ponds too.
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    PM me if you're still looking for flies....

    thanks, Jeremiah