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Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by iteech, Jan 5, 2009.

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    Well, with this miserable weather and my not being able to get out in the cold, I've been down. I needed a cheer-up, and I sure got one today. My daughter and her husband are currently helping a property owner (a friend of theirs) renovate a pretty house on a nice big piece of land--about 5 acres I think. This is the same daughter that bought a piece of land with a pond on it only 2 years ago! We never did get that pond populated. They think their current house is too small, they wanted something bigger. He told them he'd let them buy (or rent) the house if they'd help him--the tenants he had in there earlier just trashed this nice house. He's a good old guy and a man of his word, he's been a friend of this family for a long long time. Anyway I congratulated her, and she said "oh mom, that's not all--I saved the best for last. You know that fishing club you and I have been dreaming about getting a membership to? Well, it's property line is upstream of us about a quarter mile, AND ONE OF THE WIDEST, DEEPEST POINTS OF THAT CLUB'S RIVER RUNS STRAIGHT THROUGH THIS PRIVATE PROPERTY." I thought I was hearing things. I calmly asked her were there water rights to the property as well as land rights, and she said "yes--he made sure that water was HIS when he bought this land back in the 70's." (And yes, you CAN do that--this is not state- or county-owned waters). Well I nearly fainted. I haven't been out there yet, but my daughter did hike to the river on the land and she said it looks deep and fairly swift, and it looks like it is soooo fishy. I won't be more detailed than this...but I WILL post pictures of my catches this summer...and HEY if any of you know where this is, will ya PLEASE pm me instead of citing the area?? It is, and will remain, very closely guarded private property. And yes, I'm certainly going to remember the guys who were kind to me in the past and took me to their favorite spots...but also lots of things could happen, so it's not 100% yet. Just a 'winter dream' right now. If all goes well, they should be in the house by spring. Just in time for the spawning run. I feel better already.:p
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    That is a dream come true. Lookin' forward to the pics!

  3. Sounds wonderful. Enjoy it and fish it hard.
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    That's great! Hope this honey hole meets your expectations.