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Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by issues, Jul 5, 2008.

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  1. issues


    I wonder how many people get sick and tired of bennylovessaueye and Mushijobah acting like they know every drop of water in Ohio. Also these fellas must know everything about fishing. I doubt you even bait your own hook. I ask you "rambo's" how in the heck do you have time to post so much when your fishing more the Roland, Jimmy, Doug and Hal combined??? Is this web site your fantasy?... I have caught you in several lies i.e... mush...lives in Bexley yet can see Hoover from his home, what clear day was that?
    Please admit you don't really fish often or even know what your talking about.

    Mushi the only way you could fish and post soooooo often in to be a virgin. But I bet you lie about that also.

    And benny...your right you are hated.

    If you fellas want to get on my good side please apply for OGF's new postions...you guys can be the OGF cheerleaders standing on the bank shouting "rah rah" ..."hookem" and "oweeeee thats fish is slimy"


    See you on the lake chillin.
  2. this wont last long.:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

  3. awesome post. BTW. Mushi works by hoover.

    And I've been out 16 times now this year. Starting in April. Really that's not that much fishing.

    If you don't like our post, don't read em. I'm not forcing you

    Good luck and Good fishing

    btw. I'd bet money I know which member this is. Can the mods do a IP check????
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.