walther p22

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  1. I was at the sharonville, oh gun show today and saw a walther p22. It looks like a nice pistol. anybody have experience with one?
  2. My dad bought a p22 about 3 years ago.After shooting a few hundred rounds thru his I bought my own. I love mine have shot about 3000 rounds out of it with no problems. I bought a Fobus holster so it is easy to conceal. If you want to shoot out to 25 yards I would buy the p22 that has the 2 part barrel.I only have the short barrel shoots great out to 10-15 yards then the groups start to spread out. I would buy good quality ammo like CCI, when I bought a box of the cheap ammo (500 rounds in a cardboard box) all the wax on them will cause the gun to jam.I never had a problem with the CCI's. My buddy bought a Beretta bobcat 22 and sold it to buy a p22. I am sure you will be happy with the p22 if you buy one.
    Angler ss.

  3. thanks - that seems to be the general consensus, that it's a super nice gun.
    I'll prob have to wait until after xmas, though.