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walnut creek white bass run

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by meisterdog, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. meisterdog

    meisterdog mr. saturday night

    Has anyone been up to walnut creek? Are the wb runnin yet? I can't wait until the action starts.
  2. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    you got a few weeks to wait.water temp on hoover was 37-38 today.

  3. ricks right.....your lookin about late april to early 'll know there in because i'll start posting like a mad :eek:
    its about that time know.....time for me to
    show you how to catch mud
  4. Is Walnut Creek what feeds into Hoover?
  5. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    yep.big walnut and little walnut both.big walnut gets the bulk of the run,though i've caught them in both creeks.i have as much fun jump fishing them on the main lake in summer,when they're bustin' shad.
    it's run & gun fun chasin' the schools :cool:

    scott,quit confusing mudcats with bulheads :D ;)
    would appreciate the lessons from a pro :D
  6. Is there much public land to fish up there?
  7. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    there's eneough for lots of guys to fish it ;)
    i do it the easy way and take the boat :D
  8. I'll wave at ya from the bank!:p
    I have never been up there so can you tell me a good place to get into the creek? I have always fished Deer Creek but would like to try something different this year.
  9. mud...bull there all the you know me rick if i can catch them there cats i dont need to catch
    but realy if anyone wouldlike to hook up with me for the whitebass let me know....
  10. hey wall if you want to hook up when the w/b start I could show you some good spots at Deer Creek if you show me some at Walnut? When they are in full swing I usually go a few times after work and on Saturdays also.
  11. cool....ive never did the deercreek run....
    and sundays are great for me..thats my church church that is. :D
    dont that run start before hoovers????
    it seem like i hear the deercreek run just befor the hoove/walnut run.
  12. Not sure since I've never fished the Walnut run. I'll start checking it out in the next few weeks and let ya know. The last few years there has not been much of a w/b run but the crappie have been GREAT! I've been catching crappie up in the creek like you get the w/b and they get bigger and bigger each year. So if we dont get into the w/b we will at least get into some crappie.
  13. thats cool...just let me know. im heading to maumee this friday and then on april 3. and maybe one more trip in mid april. then its white bass all the way.
  14. Good luck at Maumee and I'll be in touch about the w/b. How big are the ones you get out of Walnut? Deer Creek seems to run pretty small for the most part but still fun on light gear plus every year there are a few wipers that are caught.
  15. Those look like some pretty good sized ones. 17" is a Fish Ohio right?
  16. i think so...
    but that was a bad day...some guys were walking out with 100 or more..all
    that size... :D
  17. That would be an AWSOME day! I dont really like to clean more than 50 or so. I'll keep a bunch one trip and then release them the rest of the time so I just have to clean fish once.
  18. i hear took some time with the 15 in the pic....
    i one day when my kids get bigger i'll show them how to clean
    one time was on a head boat for perch and had 30 perch to i'll never do that... :rolleyes:
    but we'll hook up for the run..its a blast.
  19. I have sat with my dad and cleaned buckets full of bluegills, perch, crappie, white bass, smelt... I know there have been times we have cleaned over 100 gills! Not much fun but we will get a big mess of fish early in the spring or whenever we get into something really good and then just clean fish that one or two times for the whole year. Kinda sucks cleaning fish for a few hours but if I only do it once or twice a year and have enough fish for several good fish frys its not bad.