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  1. I shot down to wally world this morning in Holland Ohio. They are moving the fishing dept around and I found a lot of Red Tagged items. I'm not sure how long this will be around. Here are a few of the reduced items.

    Berkley Big Game, Casting, Rod 7 ft., 2 pc - $11.00 (regular $20ish)

    Assorted Stinger spoons - $4.50 each (not a big selection but I bought Boy/Girl, Confusion, Shrimp, and a couple more)

    Berkley Big Game line 20, 25, 30 lbs test 500yrds spools - $5.00

    Stren High Impact 800 yrd spool 20# test - $3.50

    Plus much more deals.

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  2. downtime8763

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    Thanks for the heads up at Wally world,will hit it tomorrow in Piqua and see if it's happening their also.

  3. NorthSouthOhioFisherman

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  4. I was going to post this also, i picked up 2 heavy duty Renagade Tournament bags for $3.50 each and a Brekley Culling system w/scale for $9.00!!!
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    Many Wallmarts have been moving their fishin departments around. I found some AMAZING deals yesterday. Berkley Fusion combo and Shakespere Microspin combo's for $5 each!!! Sinkers were 25c a pack. Unfortunately there were only a select few items on clearance, but they were well worth the pocket change ;)
  6. I was just lookin around one of the Wal Marts in Findlay and found two racks of Berkley Bionic rods for $13 (regularly $55). All they had were 6'6" medium action but I could use one and couldn't pass up that deal.
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    Just got back from the Marysville Wally World. I picked up seven different lures and two spools of line for under 18 bucks. I got 6lb Vanish for $3 and 12lb Vanish for $2.50. I talked to the girl behind the counter and she said they're downsizing right now due to the fishing season finishing up (little does she know). I'll be stopping in every couple of days for the next couple of weeks hoping to pick up an Ugly Stik ultralite combo for even cheaper than normal.
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    Just got back from the Forest Park, OH store. It's pretty picked over now, but I was able to get 2 Berkley Lightning Rods (regular 39.95) for $9 each and dumbell type marker bouys for $1 each.