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There was a 4th if you count the "We need to make some changes in tournament weigh-ins"
post that got shut down. Right now it's 3 down on them suggested posts people loved to revive and complain about. Most have been on the main list if people would scroll. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Just saw #5 come up
I must be missing something.
As posted by matticito, there are 3 current open threads on the LEWT walleye cheating scandal that I know of.
1) CHEATERS- Lake Erie General Discussion forum
2) Walleye Tournament Cheaters Busted- lounge forum
3) Walley Tourney Cheaters Caught- Tournament Discussion forum.

These threads, one in each of 3 forums, though on the same subject were left open intentionally in the popular selected 3 forums because we have members that fish these events that only visit certain forums on the site.
Sadly...making national news...this is huge in the fishing industry...especially tournament fishing.
No doubt this whole fiasco will affect how future tournaments will be held and possibly some new future regs from ODNR that may affect us all.

FWIW...there will not be any new threads on this topic permitted in any other forums...or new threads in the same forums that will be permitted to stay open.
So If'n you guys see one before the mods. do...please help us out and report it.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts