Walleye tackle question.

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  1. Just looking for opinions on these keel weights. Just curious if anyone has used these or something like them as opposed to Jets or Dipsey's and what you think of them.

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  3. Um, thanks. Boy do I feel stupid, I have perused that thread quickly multiple times and I forgot that these things were briefly discussed (and pictured). I didn't think to reread that line of threads as it is predominantly discussing worm harnesses and blade selection. So, if any anyone still has any input on these options, (keel weights) I would appreciate the input. Thank you for your support!:D
  4. There is a book on Amazon called "Precision trolling" that talks about the use of weights and trolling. It seems to be a really good book about trolling and the baits you use. This book was recomended at a siminar I attended last Saturday, I just recieved it today and I am glad I made the purchase. You can contact the company "Precision Angling, LLC at 800-353-6958 or just order the book on amazon. I believe you will ber impressed, I can't wait to try this system out, it mainly gives you the depths the most common baits will run and the length of line needed to reach the desired depths. Full color life sized photos of hundreds of lures and how each will run.
  5. The picture I posted is a photo I took from a page out of that same book I just purchased on line last week. It does have lots of great info, but I was a little disappointed cuz on the web site it mention having info for Dipsey and Jet divers and really didn't address those as far as line out and depth. I do have a couple different reference tables, one from this site and another from some site in Scotland where they use Jet divers for trolling the lochs(maybe lookin for Nessie). I was just curious if anyone had any opinions, pro/cons of the keel weights for trolling. Thank you for support!:D
  6. Tuna Can, The older Precision Trolling Editions had the Dipsys and Jets in them. I think 1 thru 7. When they brought out the 8th edition they also brought out Big Water Edition. It has the Dipsys, Jets, Slide Divers, Mini Disks, Lead Core Line and much more. This allowed them to add more lures to the Trollers Bible.
  7. Oh cool, thanks for the info! I'll look for the seventh edition.