Walleye, Saugeye v.s. Smallmouth, Largemouth

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  1. I have been fishing my entire life and the most popular question asked is what is your favorite fish to catch? Im not sure what my favorite fish to catch is but I know that Walleye and Saugeye are my favorite fish to hunt. My question to the audience is which fish do you feel is more challenging to figure out and why? This is to stay positive in respect to fellow anglers and something to discuss in the middle of winter. I will start.

    I feel walleye are more challenging then bass because the fishing concepts are different almost on a daily basis. The fish may be caught in as little as six inches of water oneday and 40 feet the next day. Obviously, with this said your presentation will change on a flip of a dime. Also, it seems that Walleye are more moody fish and eat when they feel like eating. It seems reaction strikes from Bass are much less complicated then Walleye. I will agree that Smallmouth fishing is a much higher challenge than largemouth, but the same is true they hold in particular areas and the traveling patterns are a lot less complex.

    Remeber these are opinions only.
  2. Bass fishing is more fun. :)

    Saugeye fishing is a frustrating battle of patience and attrition. Only thing keeps me going is the notion that they have to feed sometime.

  3. Wow the million dollar question and all I have is my 50 cent answer. To catch it is tuff to beat river smallies blasting that top water plug. That being said the eyes are a far more challenging fish to catch on a consistant basis unless of course your name is fishslim! I am addicted to fishing for the dang eyes in the winter but first chance I get I am smallie fishing.
  4. Well I to am addicted to chasin them eyes, But as far as fun goes theres nutin like bein waist deep in a creek and havin a 2 or 3 lb smallie rocket out of the water 15 feet in front of you and lookin ya in the eye, THAT ROCKS!!!!
  5. Honestly, I could probally could catch more walleye in a given year because when they are on they are on. Bass seem to be a lot more consistent atleast compared to a walleye. Talking with fellow ogfers and friends it seems everyone catches there 3-8 bass per outing. I feel walleye fishing is like golf because just when I feel I have it figured out bam nothing but a big goose egg. Im not sure why but thats why I love it because it pisses me off. Doesn't make sense I know.
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    I can't speak for walleye, as they don't call Central Ohio home at this point in time, but saugeye are very hit and miss. Although smallmouth put up a better fight, I find catching saugeye more rewarding.
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    I'm right with yah Mush but thats for Lake fishing side. I love catchin me some Saugeye out of Alum, but when its creek time its Smallie time.
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    Hmm, well this could be a very interesting thread...so at the risk of being unpopular...

    I will say that fish with teeth are much tougher to catch than their green carp cousins. :D
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    I love my bass fishin for the sport. But I love the eyes for the sport and most of all the taste.
  10. Eyes are a greater challenge for me (not that i'm a basspro) therefore I get more satisfaction from the eyes. I have seen eyes so finkicky that the difference in catching them and not is 4lb less of testline or six inches more leader. And an angry walleye/sauger on braided line and light tackle shakes its head and fights good enough to keep me going. That said too heavy gear and It fights like a stick.
    I still love bassin especially when I get tired of tiny jigs and plastics. When I can break out the baitcaster and crank like mad I tend to forget about the frustration that can be walleye/saugeye fishing. And I have never had a walleye tail walk, dive, jump and spit a spook. I guess the long and short of it for me is if I have the patience to finesse or I just wan't crank till my wrists seize up.
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    i'm going to go away from what the topic fish were and say that chasing pike has to be my favorite to target as of now. i think this mainly has to do with the fact that i have only been fishing for them for the last couple of years and i am still trying to figure them out. i can catch them pretty consistently but am having trouble finding the big one i am after. i think it's that drive of knowing they are there but yet figureing out how to get them to take the bait. not to mention they put up one hell of a fight and will leave some nasty scars if you are not carefull.

    On the other hand theres not much more beautiful thing then being waste deep in the river on a warm day. there is something about chasing river smallies that is exciting but at the same time calming. and as stated before i haven't caught a fish that i didn't like. i think it just has to do with what my mood is when i decide to pick up the rod and head out. i just the love the feel of a bent pole
  12. I think bass are a little easier to catch as they are always on some sort of structure. Saugeye can be a bit tricky sometimes to find. However 'eyes are much more tasty than bass, but its hard to beat the way a smallmouth fights on light tackle.
  13. I think both fish are damn tough on the right days, and stupidly easy on others. they break even, go to alabama and you catch a ton of bass, go to canada same with eyes, go to c. ohio....good luck:p. theres alot written on both, they are more predictable than many other fish, in all seriousness, I think the reason bass and walleye are so popular is because they are easy, and they dont pull hard enough to warrent outlandish tackle. if it was about a challenge we would all be fly fishing for carp or trying to actually pattern skis and striper. some people love that stuff but most of us, want to actually catch somthing. both are great though, tough enough that the days they get stupid keep us coming back.
    here's my verdict,
    eyes the easier in the cold months
    bass in the warm
    hence why we fish for them when we do

    and btw, trout are way better than stinking warm water fish..aww man my devil horn icon didnt work, bummer
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    When I want to catch something I'll target smallies in the river. When I want a challenge I go for muskies in the resevoirs. They have been kickin my butt the last couple years. However, 2009 will be different. I am going to boat some ski's this year!
  15. In my opinion Muskies are one of the easisest fish to target, the concepts are consistent and I have caught many over the years not even hunting them. The reason why people do not catch high numbers of Muskie is because they only supply one Muskie per acre on Alum where Saugeyes nearly 700,000 are released on a seasonal basis. With this understood you are obviosly going to catch less Muskie because there are not a high abundance of Muskies compared to Saugeye Bass Crappie etc.
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    This doesnt make any sense to me at all. You are saying they are easy to target. You are saying you catch many by accident(not targeting them). So, how are they easy to target when you have not been targeting them?
  17. I was afraid I was going to get grief for that comment. I have been fishing onetime this year so far for twenty minutes and the one fish I caught was a Muskie below the spill way at alum. I fish Alum about 75 times a year and I target mainly Saugeye however, when I decide to Muskie fish the actual fishing itself is not complicated lures are not dragging on the bottom, im not right up on the shore getting snags, Im not casting just cruising a set pattern until I find activity. Most of the time I fish for Muskie I have great luck on wally divers, cant get them to work for Walleye but for Muskie its becoming my go-to lure. Last year I boated my first open water 40 inch muskie with a walley diver. I had the top of my finger bit off by a muskie last year in a saugeye tournament. I probally caught 25 muskies last year and lots of babies jigging in the spring. Maybe im just the luckiest guy in the World with Muskie. Remember these are opinions only no offense please
  18. "Which is more challenging to figure out..." That's easy-God created bass for guys that can't catch walleyes! :p

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    I think original question is "which is your favorite to catch". I have never had a saugeye dance across the water, jump to head level and throw the lure back in my face, so my answer is smallmouth no question. I do think it's harder to coax a bite from a saugeye, at least in my little stretch of heaven.

    Ultimately my favorite fish to catch is the next one :)
  20. Smallie fishing in the creek is by far my favorite, but I don't eat bass! walleye fishing is great but not as intense to me. Normaly I'm just thinking about eating with walleye but smallie fishing, it's all about the fight! Then again I'm not the best or most succesful eye guy.