Walleye recipes

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    Anyone have any favorite walleye recipes?
  2. rutty

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    Lay down a piece of aluminum foil, lay a couple fillets of walleye down, couple spoon fulls of butter, lemon juice, onions, peppers, mushrooms, brocoli (or any other veggie you might like) banana peppers, cayenne pepper or any other seasoning you might like. Wrap up completely so everything is covered, throw on the grill fro 15-20 minutes (do not turn). In the mean time, boil up some rice. when done, throw rice on the plate then flip the aluminum foil walleye over onto the rice and the rice will obsurb all the juices....and then enjoy.

    If I don't cook them that way, I dip the walleye fillets in egg and then coat with Kellog Corn Flakes, in a pan with a couple teaspoons of oil in it, I cook them that way.

  3. ezbite

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    wash off and pat dry all filets. then coat all filets with a sprinkle of paprika and lay the filets on a sheetpan, season on top with sea salt, cracked black pepper, garlic powder and lots of paprika(the redder, the better). then cut some unsalted butter into pats and cut those in half, lay those legenth wise head to tail, so when the butter melts it runs down and covers the whole filet.(add butter last or it will take the spices away when it melts.) add a little water to the pan to keep the fish from drying out and put under the broiler until the fish starts to flake. it will get a dark red crust on it. yummy:p
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    Cut fillets in to strips length-wise. Cut slices of bacon in to two strips length-wise. Season the fillets with garlic powder, salt and pepper. Roll the fillets with a strip of bacon and insert a tooth pick (pre-soaked to keep from burning.)
    Place the rolled fillets in a flat dish and marinate with "Larwy's Hawaiian" Cook for a couple of hours.
    Grill'em up on either a gas or charcoal grill....these are quite tasty...! :D
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    my favorite- rinse fillets then dry like normal. Get one box of the Club crackers (butter flavored or original). Smash them as fine as you can get them- the smaller the better. Pour a generous amount of honey into a bowl. You can do this next part one of two ways:

    1) take a pastry brush and coat the fillets with the honey- then roll into the crackers. The honey adds sweetness and also really makes the crackers stick like glue.

    2) Coat the fillets with egg, then add honey to oil.

    the trouble with option 2 is that the honey sinks to the bottom and really doesnt do much- i prefer option one.

    Once done, the honey carmalizes and turns golden brown- looks and tastes amazing. Works with perch as well.
  6. Pat fillets mostly dry.

    Roll in Golden Dipt or House Autry dry fry mix.

    Dip in an egg white wash (1 egg white to 1/2 cup water) Do not use the whole egg because the yolk will give an off taste when fried in the oil.

    Coat fillet with panko (japanese) bread crumbs

    fry 5 min @ 375 degrees

  7. Simple and Easy!

    Big deep aluminun pan....

    2 pounds of Walleye filets cut even (thickness wise)..

    use EVOO(extra Virgin olive oil) gernerousely on bottom od Pan

    Spinkle favorite seasonings ( Cajon or lemon pepper)..

    lay filets flat.. again sprinkle EVOO on top of filets..

    and sprinkle on rest of Seasoning generously(or to ones taste) of choice on top..

    Cover with foil.. Place on a pre-heated high hot grill for about 7 to 8 minutes..


  8. Sautee' chunks of filet in butter for 4 minutes or so

    Then follow directions of the taco kit of your choice, I prefer the taco bell brand. You are just substituting walleye for hamburger, simple as that, add sour cream and salsa or taco sauce to a tortilla then walleye and cheese and enjoy.
  9. ezbite

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    2 EVOO's. someone watches too much rachel ray.lol.:p
  10. I just had fish and chips! I rinse the filet, then dry it, then i roll it into Zatarains Lemon Pepper Fish-Fri, then egg wash, then back into mix, then fry until it just floats! Chips are much better homemade, and seeing how I'm going to use the fryer anyway..... just slice a potato into thin slices, then fry until golden brown. Put them on a paper towel to drain oil, then try seasoned salt on them! Mmmmm...... :D
  11. hahaha. I was thinking the same thing. but since we know that, maybe we watch too much Rachel Ray.......:confused:
  12. mmmm...rachel and EVOO..what a combo!
  13. jeffmo

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    blackened walleye,home-made fries and cole slaw. my favorite way to eat walleye.

    easy to make!
    do this OUTDOORS!!!
    on your grill,over high heat,heat a large cast iron skillet.
    in a large bowl,melt enough butter to dredge the fillets in.
    after dredging,coat both sides of the fillet with the blackening seasoning.
    melt several tablespoons of butter in the skillet.
    lay the fillets in the skillet,blacken on one side,then turn them over and blacken on the other side.
    easy as that!

    btw,a very cold beer goes really well with these!
  14. True and HOT!!!
  15. Fry or broil or grill?
  16. ezbite

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    just had another one the other day that i really liked and it was almost tooo easy. just take your filets, dry them off, lay out on a sheet pan side by side, sprinkle with sea salt and cracked black pepper. get your favorite salsa and spread a layer on top of the filet. put that in a 400 deg oven till the fish flakes. took about 7 minutes. it will take a minute or 2 longer if the salsa is cold. i like mine with fresh made giant eagle brand medium mexican style salsa. MMMMM SPICY..:p
  17. EZ.....I've used that basic approach. Make your own salsa....toms, onion, garlic,cilantro, halo peppers (if you want heat),lemon or lime juice, fresh ground black pepper, a short squirt of bbq sauce.

    Fresh, home made salsa.... will make the walleye jump.
  18. Rednek

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    Place a bag of pretzels in the blender and pulverize to a powder. Wet filets with egg or milk. Coat filets with pretzels and deep fry. They are best the next day cold.

    You can also add your favorite seasoning to the pretzels for added flavor.