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Discussion in 'OGF Kitchen' started by EE, Apr 23, 2005.

  1. EE


    When I cook, I experiment all the time.........tried this a few days ago and it was great.

    When my family eats fish, my boys and I like it deep fried, my wife likes it grilled, so I tried something for both.

    1. soak the filets in Paul Newman's Salad Dressing for a few hours (or over night, if you think far enough ahead......... and I know, it sounds wierd to marinate food in salad dressing);
    2. tear a square of aluminum foil; brush it with oil (any sort will do, we use olive oil because it's healthier than vegetable oil) so the fish won't bake/stick to the foil);
    3. take the filets (still wet with the salad dressing) and dip them in saltine cracker crumbs (I use a blender, so cracker "dust" is more like it);
    4. lay out the filets on the foil, wrap up the foil and bake on the grill for 8-12 minutes, depending upon how hot your grill is and how brown you like the cracker dust to get. *The key here is to NOT pour the marinade over the filets once you've laid them out on the foil, like you will be tempted to do (the cracker dust will not bake correctly if it gets too wet).
    * For my wife's filet's, we put the filet's directly onto the foil, no cracker dust.

    Result: baked fish filets with the same cracker taste and texture as deep fried, with an awesome taste from the marinade, but without the deep fried oil; for my wife, that same marinade taste, minus the "deep fried" cracker layer on the outside.

    just something new for some of you to try sometime if you get bored with the same old recipes.
  2. DANDE


    Thanks Eeek. I'll Give That A Try. Sounds Good To Me.

  3. That sounds pretty good Erik. Hopefully you can get up here soon and get some more of those hawgs to take home and cook.
  4. steelmagoo

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    I'll try it too. Some of the big Lake Erie fish I caught in the fall were a little fishey. A little marinade and grillin might be just the ticket. Sometimes I use Old Bay and vinegar and do a walleye "crab boil".

  5. Soak the walleye fillets in milk for a couple hours. Gets rid of the fishy taste, although, that's why I eat fish. I've never had a bite of Erie walleye I didn't like.