walleye pic /16 lb eye form the rr tressle

Discussion in 'Walleye & Saugeye Discussions' started by freyedknot, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. BigDaddy300

    BigDaddy300 multi species angler

    Dam! check out the belly. The fish has a big one also:D Seriously awesome fish.

  2. fishingguy

    fishingguy The Inferior Fisherman

    Wow nice fish!! Lol on the belly thing. Thanks for posting that pic.
  3. Pike


    That thing is so big doesn't even look like a walleye anymore. Great fish!
  4. i am asumming that it was "caught LEGALLY UNDER THE RAILROAD BRIDGE!!". that is a huge walleye. i hope it was caught LEGALLY.:D
  5. NorthSouthOhioFisherman

    NorthSouthOhioFisherman The Young Outdoorsman

    I was just typing a big long thing about how i'm confused when I figured out what he was talking bout now I get it lol-Sandusky Bay :D
  6. BigDaddy300

    BigDaddy300 multi species angler

    I thought the date was 4-5-2008
  7. freyedknot

    freyedknot useless poster

    it says april 5th ,2008. sounds like this year?
  8. krustydawg

    krustydawg KrustyDawg

    It was definitely caught last weekend (Saturday April 5th). Don (owner of Hi-Way Bait) showed the pictures to me last week when I was over there for a visit. He e-mailed me several other pictures of that beast, I'll upload them tomorrow. As for whether or not the fish was takin legally or illegally who knows. We all have our opinions especially the fisherman that have fished the RR Bridge (myself included but never again). However, I will keep my opinion to myself since I was not present when it came to the side of the boat ;)
  9. that pig should have went back in the water
  10. ezbite

    ezbite the Susan Lucci of OGF

    can you say...dammmmmmmmmm!!sorry boys, but that baby would be going on tour..:p then the wall/.
  11. true2plue

    true2plue TEAM BATO!!

    Here we go!! He bought the license, therefore his decision.;) Always someone stirring up the pot!!:confused:
  12. seethe303

    seethe303 Senior Executive Member

    that pig should have been cloned! bring on the superior genetics!
  13. which belly are you lookin at ???:) If only ohio had share-a-lunker program for walleyes. But I am sure those genes have been pasted on a few times. Man great lookin fish.
  14. Perch

    Perch Perch Addict

    Give the guy a break..........he got a nice Walleye there......no need to tease him.............Im sure the ODNR still keeps a real close eye on that Bottleneck at the tressle. Ive seen them ( ODNR ) in a Duck blind watching that spot from WAYYYYY out .............

    Nice Fish Fella
  15. holyy sh@@ like god i bet that would have mad it but it looks like thaty fish is spewwing all over and loosing weight as it does wow what a fish that just shows what lake erie is made of
  16. YOWZA! That is a pig walleye.
  17. jmenchhofer

    jmenchhofer 'eye addict

    Exactly what I was thinking. SixTEEN pounds??:B :B Looks like the walleye of a lifetime to me!:B :B