Walleye or Saugeye

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  1. Sorry for the bad pictures, all I had was my cell phone and was the only one there. I caught this yesterday on the GMR and I didn't know whether it was a walleye or a saugeye. It was 22 inches long and weighed about 3.5#. Either way it was my PB for the fish. It had a white spot on the bottom of its tail that got cut out in the picture.
  2. Scarletfisherman

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    Sure looks like a walleye to me.


  3. misfit

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    looks like a saugeye.i can't see the fins well enough to tell,but did the dorsal have black spots on it?if so,it's a saugeye.the white spot on tail really is not a good indicator.
  4. I believe the dorsal did have black spots on it.
  5. Wiper Swiper

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    That's a saugeye...no doubt about it.

    I sure hope you killed it. They're excellent table fare (much tastier than smallmouth), and a detriment to the lotic environment.
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    I'm also voting Saugeye. We have this discussion a lot on the forum. As misfit says, the best indicator is an arrangement of spots or bars on the dorsal fin. Saugeyes have them - Walleyes don't. The body mottling is also good but I've seen Lake Erie Walleyes with a bit of that. They both can have white on the tails.

  7. saugeye. the dark checkers on the side give it away. Looks like mirko cro cops shorts in the water to me. walleyes are more golden.

    btw that's a hog
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  9. Wiper Swiper

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    "spotted bass..."


    The more I look at it, I think it's one of them thar spot/smallie crosses! lol.
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    I agree with others, it looks like a Saugeye to me. Also based on river it was caught Saugeye much more likely.

    Very nice fish by the way, congratulations!
  11. BlueBoat98

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    Yeah, you want it to be a Saugeye. That's past F.O. length for them. Walleye takes 28"

  12. I had to hit wikipedia to learn what a lotic environment is. How are saugeyes detrimental?
  13. Well I released it. I'm sure there is some sort of process that I would have had to go through to get a fish ohio. It probably involves keeping the fish for proof.
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    Nope, F.O. is on the "honor system" I know that's a stretch for some of you guys but we won't go into that... The certificate and pin this year has a Walleye on it. That's a lot better than the Sheephead in 2005.

    Here's the link for the application.


    See you out there.

  15. very nice Cro cop comparison. But I would say saugeye.
  16. The Honor system? Well I wonder how many times that gets taken advantage of. That kind of sucks but it obviously would be tough to verify every fish. Thanks for the info though. I looked into it. Do you just register online and they send you the pin in the mail, or is there more to do? Thanks again.
  17. I have a friend who works at the DRN in Columbus, and at one time was mailing out the pins to the applicants. To be honest the pins have become more of a collectors item than a badge of honor. I've even seen a few collections on e-bay. :) The honor lies in the individual who tells the truth when they apply for the award.

    Just do the thing online, you can print off your paper for your catch, and the pin will more than likely come at the end of the season.
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    Nice fish! Congrats! That's a hawg? 3.5lbs, 22in? LOL
  19. Right leg hospital,Left leg Graveyard;)
  20. What does that mean?