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Walleye or saugeye?

Discussion in 'Walleye & Saugeye Discussions' started by twistedcatfish1971, Apr 9, 2018.

  1. twistedcatfish1971

    twistedcatfish1971 Fish fire food friends family

    I caught this out of the mahoning just down from berlin about 2 weeks to looking at it and saugeye crossed my mind ?

    ...I added this walleye I got same day same place. If it is a saugeye then I've caught my 1st ever !


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  2. Pretty fish! Looks like a saugeye ro me,with more sauger in it then walleye... could it be a sauger?

  3. It is a sauegeye, due to the white lower tip on the tail. This does not exist in saugers. It only exists in walleyes and saugeyes
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  4. twistedcatfish1971

    twistedcatfish1971 Fish fire food friends family

    After a little research I do agree with it NOT being a sauger. I am pretty sold on a saugeye though...also didn't think saugeye were up as far as Berlin?

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  5. #1 is indeed a saugeye. Btw white on the tail does occur on saucer though not as pronounced, however that dorsal is a 100% giveaway. The second is a walleye as you said
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  6. dcool


    X2 on the saugeye
  7. sherman51

    sherman51 florida ice fishing

    just eat it as a saugeye because the white tail says so to me.
  8. The deep gold color/splotches indicates sauger to me...and yes, actually all 3 can have white on the tail...second pic is a saulleye.
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  9. x2
  10. Hmm interesting I saw this post this morning. I can't seem to find any information saying that sauger can have a white spot. In fact it seems that in the majority of places I have researched, having or not having a white spot on that bottom portion of the tail (caudal fin? I believe) was the main determiner in a sauger vs. saugeye or walleye. I just don't want to be identifying my fish incorrectly!! lol
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  11. And obviously black spots indicate sauger- saugeye as well
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  12. I know for a fact that the first pic is a saugeye and I believe the second pic is a saugeye also. Just a different color phase. The pronounced black markings on the spines of the dorsal fin makes me think it is a saugeye, although not as positive as I am about the first pic.
  13. twistedcatfish1971

    twistedcatfish1971 Fish fire food friends family

    Thanks for the's a picture with both ... caught same spot same day within an hour of each other. Now in my opinion the top is a walleye...I'm 99% sold the other is saugeye and not sauger. Either way has anyone caught saugeye/sauger as close as Berlin before? I personally have never heard of either caught this way up north...

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  14. 20100528133844.jpg plenty of id pics out there showing sauger with white tipped tails... ive also caught plenty with white tips on the tale.
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  15. Those fish are clearly different.
  16. Imagine looks identical to his still say sauger.
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  17. Agreeing now with saugeye fisher and his thoughts. Here is a picture for comparison I found. The difference is a “spot” on the lower tail of the walleye vs. a white “line” along the bottom of the tail. Picture shows it great

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