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Walleye @ Ladue

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by LJACKSON36, Jun 28, 2007.


    LJACKSON36 Angler For Life

    i was wondering how many people fish for walleyes at Ladue. i know it is one of the better bass lakes in the area but i am looking to get into some of the eyes there and i was wondering what side would be best and what technique i should use. i am not looking for anyones honey hole just looking to catch a few.
  2. I was told to keep an eye on 'em and you will find the eyes. They fish the lake quite often and know the hot spots well. Don't crowd them out, just watch, make notes, try those places on the next trip.

    This time of year, I would look in two places - weeds (north end) and creekbeds (between 422 and 44).

  3. freyedknot

    freyedknot useless poster

    i have seen some reel nice eyes come out of the weed beds on countdown rapalas. this was years ago,but the regulars know how it's done.
  4. Outside weed edges. Gotta get right into the weeds. Its a bit of a pain, but thats where they are. Try the west side of the big island south of the causeway. I primarily fish for bass, but get quite a few walleye in the process.
  5. I talked to jim(owner of the bait shop) he said that the eyes are a hit and miss right now
  6. Lou


    I remember reading way back when Ladue was a good place to catch nice bass because they were so underfished 'cause Ladue was better known as a prime walleye fishery.
    Well, Ladue is still a beautiful lake with some nice bass which I think has alot to do with the sportsmen who fish there for bass.
    I've never fished for walleye, I'm just goin' on what I've read but it seems to me that the walleye population has suffered there. I don't know but it seems that the introduction of white perch into the lake coincided with the decline of the walleye fishing. Or maybe the ODNR just has'nt stocked it in a while?
  7. Not to take this thread off on a tangent but how did the white perch get into the lake? I know this is electric only and usually the so called salt water 'aliens' get into the inland lakes thru the cooling water left in outboards. Just wondering as I have read of them being in there in other threads.
  8. They probally got in from someone's minnow bucket. Thats why I never empty my leftover minnows in the lake.
  9. BigDaddy300

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    It is still a good bass lake but not like it was. The fish get a LOT of tournament pressure.

    They did miss a few years of walleye stockings. I do think they are stocking it again but I bet those white perch eat a lot of the little fry or fingerlings that they stock. I have been catching white perch out of LaDue for about 12years. Even when the lake was very good for eyes it was difficult at times to find and catch them.
  10. heyjay

    heyjay Where's the fish ?

    I hear a lot of the walleye guys saying they have had trouble catching them at ladue . I've caught some very nice ones there and I only fish for bass . Saturday I caught four during our bass tournament . Last week my dad caught a five pounder . All the walleye have come off crankbaits near the weed edges . I catch my share of white perch too . Although , it's not as frequent and they don't take my bait like they do the live bait fisherman .