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Walleye fishing in Maumee

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Tomahawk, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. I can't wait for spring any longer! I am planning on going out this afternoon to Buttonwood and trying my luck on the Maumee.

    Quick question. I usually always used a lead head jig when I fish for walleye on the river. This year I want to use a floating jig. How much weight should I use and how high should I put the weight up from the jig? I have it all rigged up now with a couple split-shot sinkers about 3 ft up from the jig.

  2. tpet96

    tpet96 Banned

    Add enough weight to allow it to slowly bump the bottom in current. 2' from the bait is fine. Seems to work for me the best anyways.

  3. I usually buy 1/8 oz bullet weights in bulk and a smaller pack of 1/2 oz. When the water is at about average level a 1/8 is good. You'll have to increase if the flow is faster however. If i need more than a 1/8 i just double them up, and if it's really high and fast the 1/2 work.
  4. I use 1/4 to 3/8 ounce barrel weights. I usually keep my leader about to 2 feet or less. Tungsten weights are nice too. I use lighter weights with the tungsten and my 6# test line.
  5. Lead or floater really doesnt make a difference.I have both and some days its the floaters and some days its the lead.In my personal opinion though you will snag alot more fish with the floaters.Weight for floater or lead can be anything to get you too the bottom.I also like to point out every year to guys who complain about 1 ounce lead heads.I was fishing a couple years back and the river was raging at like 588 and I was in line with guys at Orleans park.No one was catching a thing and people were coming and going.I noticed no matter what I put on I couldnt touch bottom.So at lunch I walked out to the guy sailing twisters and jigs in the back parking lot.I bought 2 bags of 1 ounce heads tied them on and thought OMG this is insane.ButI went ahead and fished with them.A couple guys from Minnesota were right next to me and they got to makin fun of Me.About that same time I hooked a fish.On the way in they were "snag, it has to be snagged".When He surfaced it was a male about 6 pounds hooked perfectly right "in" the mouth.They and I couldnt believe it.After 2 more hours I had caught My limit of 4 and was heading down the road back to Vinton County.Ever since then on occasions when the river is bad and things are slow I tie one of the bowling balls on and let er rip.One other nice thing about em is when they surface everyone within 100 ft of you can see the lead in their mouths :D
  6. I have to dissagree I've snagged a lot less using floaters in the river :D
  7. i have fished the river only 2 years and was wounder why there are more people wading than fishing out of a boat?
  8. Personaly i have to agree with die4irish i used the floater for the first time last year and i have never caught so many legal fish down there and i have been doing the lead jigs for 20 years. Do not get me wrong they were taking legal fish with lead but it was 10 to 1 with the floater last year.
  9. Well before i was aware of floaters about 8 years ago when it was lead or nothing for me.I was along side a guy who was snaggin them in left and right.I told him he must just be in the right spot and he laughed and said your not snaggin as many cause your using lead.I said Im using lead wth are you using and he introduced me to floaters.He continued to tell me that with the floaters the lure allows the line to get caught around the fish better.So in My own personal experience since that day when I goto floaters I snag much more.To be honest the only thing you can really do to lesson the chance of snagging fish is with 1/4 ounce heads.Also I dont want to get in the debate about what and who snags :) .Thats a can of worms someone starts up every year and really doesnt belong in these forums.We all know it happens and its one of those things we leave upto the state or take care of it when you see it happen. ;)

  10. I dont use the boat anymore because it is a pain in the butt unless you have 2-3 people to help you. No place to tie the boat down when launching or loading, and that current makes it a bitch let alone all the prop busters you can run into unless your real carefull
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    In the last five years I've seen no less than 4 boats floating down the river, upside down :eek: That’s why my boat stays home.

    Again not to start a war but many times the snagging/catching ratio is influenced more by technique than by tackle. If you jerk every drift, you will snag fish no matter what your using. If seen people using floaters snag more than land legal, and I've seen proficient lead head users catch more and snag less, and vise versa. If you wait till you actually feel something at the end of your line you will invariably miss some light bites, however you will snag far less fish.

    Personally I use both depending on the situation. However with lead heads I generally stay with a 1/4 or 1/8oz using 1 or 2 small split shot 24-30in above the head when needed. But sometimes I use barrel weights and a floater with a 24" to 36" leader depending on what the conditions merit.

    Again this is just my humble opinion...

  12. I prefer floaters for the reason of not snagging less fish but because i snag less rocks. I've only used lead a few times when i ran out of floaters and i lost them pretty quicky to the rocks. I hated the feel as well. I think the technique is the main difference between snag and legal fish. All i can do is laugh when i see guys trying to set a hook5-6 times on EVERY drift. Eventually they belly hook one, scream to everyone else FISH ON and then start swearing up a storm when someone tells them its snagged.