Walleye/Crappie - Mosiquito

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  1. Just curious anyone doing any good on mosquito? Looking to go wet a line on saturday. Any advice would be great.

  2. Heading out rain tomorrow,, I'll let you know if we have any luck with the eyes

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    We went out last night to both the cemetary and walnut run. We didn't start until after dark and only picked up 2 fish. We saw a guy walking out of the cemetatry around 7 pm and he limited out.
  4. Thanks for the info - what is the bait of choice any clue?
  5. I think also fo the guys are going w. jig and minnow, or cranks.
  6. Been out looking for crappie the last 3 days...while I have only caught a handful, due to limited time, the guys i was fishing with were doing quite well. Tonight I brought home 5 good sized crappie. Also over the last 3 days I have seen at least 6 guys carrying stringers filled with walleye. Most of the fishing I was doing was just with a minnow, though a couple times I tried a jig with no real results. However I did get hard bites from a couple small walleye while reeling in. One was about 11 inches and the other around the same, but he slipped off right as I pulled him outta the water.
    I talked to a few guys tonight who weren't having any luck on crank baits or jigs with plastics, but Saturday and Sunday are going to be warmer and sunnier so they may become more active.
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    heading to the state park to wade and hour or so, in about an hour, i'll let ya know.