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  1. I've been fishing Wallace Lake since first ice and have only hooked into one trout. Havent heard of to much action since the stocking. I've used jigs and maggots, powerbait in every color, spawn sac's, minnows, anything I could think of I've put down the hole. Has anyone fished any of these lakes and if so is anything working for you?
  2. My wife and I have fished wallace lake 4 days this week for a total of 8 hrs with no hits. Used various bait as you did. Talking with other fishermen they too have had little success. I strongly suspect that the stocked fish did not make it when introduced.I hope I am wrong. Another stocking reported to take place week of 1/26/09

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    I fished ranger earlier this week.
    Set up tip ups for trout. No hits.
    Fished for gills with maggots and caught a ton.
    Litterly a bite every 10 seconds but the fish were awfully small.
    It sure was nice to catch some fish though.
  4. I've been fishing them about twice a week and it's the same as Wallace. I've only seen a few taken near shore in shallow water. A few guys caught them jigging silver swedish pimples with no bait, just bare hooks. Yesterday (Friday) was very slow, I didn't see any on the ice.
    The ice is about 6 inches but it's not very hard, the auger cuts it like butter but this upcoming cold spell should firm it up.
  5. Fished Shadow Lake. tons of people trying everything,
    one fish.
  6. Caught one on a tip-up yesterday using yellow powerbait. Saw one more caught on a yellow spoon. A guy with a camera saw tons of them swimming around but they wouldnt hit anything. Hopefully it picks up this next stocking. Keep me posted if anyone has any luck. Thanks
  7. Saw 2 guys on Ledge lake today. Dent wizard truck in parking lot. Anyone from here? :confused:
  8. Spent over an hour walking wallace from end to end. Lots of recent holes, not a lot of fisherman. No fish caught in the time I was there, nor did anyone there see any caught. 6"+ ice everywhere.
  9. Did they stock today?
  10. Ive fished Wallace 5 days last week with no results. The fish are there but not active. Metro parks are stocking again week of 2/2/09. They were schduled to re-stock this week but the weather canceled their plans. This weekend shoul be better fishing according to the mood cycle.
  11. No. The weather canceled Metro's plans. They are stocking nest week. Mostly likely the middle of the week.
  12. How do they stock through the ice?
  13. they cut a hole with a chainsaw and dump them in
  14. gonna try wallace tomorrow again have had no luck, where is everyone getting lucky at cant seem to find them this year
  15. FYI, the fish stocked are fine...they just are not biting well, especially during the day. We have been viewing them on the underwater camera and they look good and appear perfectly healthy. For what it's worth, some anglers have been hooking up pretty good right at or just after dark.

    Also, in spite of the winter storm this week we still got in half our stocking (900 pounds of fish between Shadow, Ledge, and Judges lakes). You can view the latest report, including a 2 minute video highlighting the stocking yesterday: http://blogs.clemetparks.com/rocky-river-fishing-report/

    We plan to stock Wallace and Ranger (hopefully) on Weds next week. I apologize for the delay, but we obviously have to work within the constraints of Mother Nature and our trout suppliers delivery schedule.

    Good fishing,
  16. Thanks for the update Mike. I always look foward to your fishing report. Thanks again.:G
  17. You're very welcome...hope you get 'em!

  18. Wallace is really sloppy. Wear high waterproof boots or waders to keep dry. 4-6" of slush and water on the ice. Trout were hitting spoons at first light. Bite completely shut off as the sun rose. Trout were around 12" and near the top (3-4' below the ice in 10' - 15' of water. Chrome/Green pimple.
  19. Went out Sunday, My dad caught a 16" trout on powerbait " Biggest i've seen this year". Once again the swedish pimple was the key. I saw about 12 get caught using it, caught one and lost two myself. I'll try to send the picture of the monster to Mike for the Cleveland Metro Parks fishing report.:G
  20. Just an update: due to constraints of our supplier coupled with the projected weather forecast this week, trout stocking has been pushed to Friday Feb. 6.

    Also worth noting is that a fair amount of the Rocky River has been opening up, especially in the middle reaches.