wallace lake or coe

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  1. anyone heading out to wallace lake this evening or coe . i am thinking of heading out would like to try coe but don't know excatly where it is .
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    Coe has been extremely outfished, I pass it on now.
    Last time I went there I did catch a few bass on a shakey head in about 2 hours.
    But its just not worth fishing near hundreds of other people.
    Every other bass I seen caught has been kept. At least no one has caught a pig yet!

  3. Soap, you're not kidding. I don't go their anymore because it makes me sick seeing people keeping everything they catch from a 6" bass to a 4" crappie they might as well keep some of the weeds they catch too so they can have a salad with their fish patties!
  4. ya skip Coe I was there last week, I like to give it a go once a year. 1. too many people and 2. too many weeds in the water..
  5. ran into kingfisher at wallace like a week ago said he had to leave coe because someone was getting mad because he was throwing 10in bass back in and they wanted them so he just left
  6. Those people were seriously mad at me too!
  7. yeah i fish wallace alot for bass sometimes i get some nice ones what do you guys us there ? I use rubber worms mostly and a rattle trap ? thanks for the heads up about coe
  8. Isn't there a size limit there?
  9. Hey are you guys talking about Wallace lake off the Metro Parks in Berea? If so I have caught some nice Bass out of there with rubber worms. I was up there sat lots of kids and stuff fishing lake seemed pretty active I didn't fish sat though, the doggie was trying though :)
  10. Wallace has a size limit on large mouth of 12 inches. They have signs posted everywhere when you pull in. I was there early Saturday morning for an hour and didn't get a bite. I was fishing close to the bank off a small deck hoping to catch some crappie though. That was just my first trip to Wallace, I have been to Coe several times and have always caught at least a few fish. Most of the fish I caught in Coe were bluegill and crappie none were bigger than 7 inches. I live in Berea and this is my first year fishing for almost 10 years, so I am hoping to get to know these lakes better this year :)
  11. was there sat caught 4 think the biggest was about 12in might have seen you and your dog
  12. Yeah the Fire Dept was out there with thier dive team or something prob doing some training that was kinda cool.