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walkin and wadin

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by kungfufishing, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. Hi!

    I'm new to the area so it's great to have a resource like this. I live in north Columbus near Antrim and I'm looking for a decent place to fish from the shore that's close to here (as not to p*ss off the wife).
    BTW I'm not a big fan of Antrim--caught a few trout but there's way too many dogs that jump in and ruin the good spots.

    Any ideas??

  2. Alum Creek Resevoir!! Probably less than a 15-20 minute drive for you. When I was shore bound, I used to fish the rip-rap of the dam and causeway almost exclusively. It required a lot of walking and be careful on those rocks. Depending on season, and time of day, you can catch almost any fish that swims in the lake. Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Crappie, Rock Bass, White Bass, Saugeye, and Bluegill seemed to be the regular inhabitants. You just have to adapt your methods so you are not snagging up all the time. In-Line spinners will catch all of these at one time or another.

  3. There are some small lakes (big ponds) in Hilliard that are stocked. Scioto-Darby Rd. to Cosgray (or cosgrove) has a nice lake w/ bass, cats, crappies, bluegill in it. There are a few more north up Cosgray, plus some at Hilliard's municipal park closer to town on Scioto Darby. These are off Cemetary Rd. exit of 270, head west. Griggs is also real close to you.
  4. Hey kungfu, try right behind Antrim. Its the Olentangy, when the water is right its great for wading. You can catch about anything. Also theres Oshay resevoir, about 10 minutes from you.