Walburn Resevoir

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  1. I plan on taking my nephew out for some shore fishing tomorrow morning. I have never been there before and need some good shore locations. Any help would be much appreciated. I promised my wife a fish fry saturday night (no pressure).

  2. better stop at the fish shop on your way home try the docks right at the ramp .

  3. if walborn is not hitting, try crossing 183 and hit deer creek. There are plenty of spots along the road.
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    If you stand on the pier/dock (whatever you call it) glance up the shoreline to your left, you'll see a spot about halfway up to the point with some trees in the water....my kids always catch crappie in there. Also, if you follow the horse path, and I'm sure the people in the concession stand can direct you, that path will take you back to the dam and they should do OK there also. Or cross the bridge and take one of the many paths to fish for catfish, that's always an easy and enjoyable time for kids. Let us know how you do....
  5. Try crawlers on the bottom for channel cats. That might be your best bet for the fry! Any assessible shoreline should work-use long casts out into the lake. I saw the DNR fish shocking boat leaving the dock this morning. I hope they publish the results. Such a nice looking lake-hopefully there's good news on available fish pops.