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Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Anthony022001, May 30, 2017.

  1. I've never fished Walborn, and I was wondering what its good for?
  2. It is good crappie fishing, cat fishing, and I have heard guys that have boats say it is good for bass also. This lake always seems to me that the hotter the water gets the better the fishing. I have fished it from shore for a few years now and almost always catch fish.
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  3. 9 years ago I fished that area. I caught 12" to 15" channels all evening long. One right after another. There must be some larger ones in there.

    Live gills was the bait.

    The shore access was really nice also.

    I may scout it out and see if I can find the same spot as last time. lol!
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  4. I have definitely caught some decent size cats out of Walborn. One close to 15 pounds and a couple over 10 pounds. Also as you say if you hit the right spot the cat bite is on fire some nights.
  5. My personal best Large Mouth was caught at Walborn 19" and fat as a football. Found right off the main point south from the launch ramp. There is a bench there that looks over the water. I was in a boat but the spot I was casting to is easily reachable from shore.
  6. Thanks for the help! I was thinking about bobber minnow crappie fishing or drifting for anything that bites is that a good idea or no?
  7. Went out to Walborn today on my boat with my buddy. Between the 2 of us, caught about 20 crappie, 5 catfish, 3 LM bass, 3 yellow perch, 3 bluegill. All on minnows.
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    REEL GRIP grip master

    If You go to the point that Louisville is talkin about,
    Fish the south side off the end of the point,
    Lots of wood, in about 4 ft. of water, then it drops off
    to about 18 ft. The stumps are about 25 feet from shore,
    right on the edge of the sharp drop. BIG bass spot,
    20in. plus easy to do if anybody's home.
    I wouldn't wade out there too fare, if you walk off
    that ledge, you'll be swimming. It aint the best spot
    on Walborn, but its one of'em. That whole point can
    produce,but the best is all the way at the end where it
    carries into a saddle to 10ft., then up onto a large hump,
    toppin out at about 4ft. Prime crankin spot in the heat of
    the summer. Or Carolina Rig the sides of it all.
    Some days there're on top, some days they like the sides.
    They move up and down, depending on the sun, wind, barometer,
    how knows what. I have managed to catch some of their Walleye
    that they stocked oved the years, by mistake, and that hump, produce
    most of'em. They really like a No.5 Fat-Free-Shad in citric.
    Wallborn is a Big Bass lake, BUT.... You gotta take some time
    to learn it.You'll struggle till you do. Believe me, there are some
    Mules in there! Best part is, you will have it pretty much to yourself.
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  9. I really love Walborn. One of the areas secret honey holes. I have drifted the points and found fish every where. They rent boats and there's even excellent bird watching eagles ospry you make it bit the catch in can ne excellent.
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  10. FOT6C4E.jpg Walborn almost 3 pounder.
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  11. thanks man what was that caught on
  12. Haven't been out night fishing this year much, how are the cats biting out there?
  13. I just caught a catfish yesterday decent size
  14. Yeah I am out here right now! Not much going on just yet!
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  15. Keep me posted on how it goes!
  16. Is water level back up? Thanx
  17. The water level looked fine to me! The fishing wasn't great though! Only caught one small channel cat!
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  18. Last fall that lake was down over 2 feet. They said there was something up with dam. They cancelled last years duck blind hunts there because the blinds were out of the water
  19. Oh yeah the water was back up to normal pool! Sorry thought you meant it had been down this year already!
  20. nis1


    I like Dale a lot. Water level looks normal for now. A park employee told me last summer that the Dam is leaking on both sides and the city of alliance is refusing to fix the problem even though it's supposedly their responsibility.

    Regarless, I have been seeing tons of people shore fishing there lately so something must be biting!
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