walborn or deer creek

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  1. Taking the boat out towards alliance tlhis afternoon. We are going to hit either dale walborn or deer creek looking for gills or crappie. Anyone had any luck there lately?
  2. We went to Deer Creek and caught a few nice blue gill and crappie. Also caught five channel cats off of waxworms and a bobber!? Then the storm came in and soaked us.

    Anyone ever fish Berlin from the dirt ramp off of 225 up towards the Deer Creek Spillway? It looks calm enough (no wake) to take a small, electric motored boat and try for some walleye.

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    I used to take the kayak up there and did well on crappie when the water levels were high enough. There was a preserve and an eagles nest back in there. Don't know whether there is still an off limits area though.
    Never tried for walleyes there.
  4. I fished the south side tree line east of the dam wind drifed and caught crappie bluegill and catfish Iwould catch 3or four every drift .Caught ten crappie 7 bluegill and 4 catfish in 2 hrs took crappie home kept4 to eat all over 10 inches had a very good day
  5. Wish we wouldve got onto the lake earlier. The fish were biting until the storm came through.