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  1. Brand new member. Have fished for pike and smallmouth in Canada for years and now, through this site, realize that there's great pike and smallie fishing right here. My question is - from, lets say the Cascade/Chuckery area and upstream, is it ok to wade the river in just shorts and old tennies. I know, health-wise, downstream from Akron would be a no-no, but is it ok upstream, and does anybody else do it? I'm just cheap and don't want to buy waders unless I have to. I have a canoe, but it would be nice to just wade sometimes and not goof around with it. Thanks!
  2. All I have ever waded the Cuyahoga with was tennies and cutoffs. There are some deeper spots so be careful, but as long as your cellphone is in the truck and not your pocket, you are good to go. (Made that mistake a time or two) I wade from the gorge downstream and have no problems as far as the high level bridge. Don't know how deep it gets between there and downtown.


  3. There is a combined sewer overflow under the high level bridge on Akron's west side, and the treatment plant in the valley has overflowed as recently as June '05 (is that the right year?). However, walking through pooop, really, what is the big deal about that? That is some beatiful streches of river, although the few times I have tried it the flow was too high and I havent had much luck.
  4. Last Fall, the city of Akron completed a HUGE, multimillion dollar CSO holding tank to clean up the run off from the storms. It is operational and has greatly improved that stretch of the Cuyahoga, especially after a big, torrential rain.

    This is NOT to say the area still needs cleaned up, or that it's anywhere near safe for bare foot wading and swimming. I have waded it many many times in tennis shoes and shorts, even sometimes in waders... It is always better to be safe than sorry. I'd wear hip boots at least...
  5. yeah i wade from the chuckery up to the gorge and also down stream all the way to where you can see the golf course! you will find some tomatoes growing and every now and then you can catch a whiff of sewage! definately wede in tennis shoes or wading shoes..... I have seen 2 different bikes old fishing rods, chairs.... rebar, metal.... and so on.... still fun to go there with your ultra light and hook into a few small smallies! every now and then a decent one!
  6. Thanks for all the quick info. I've got plenty of old tennies to put to good use. Maybe I'll see some of you guys out on the 'Hoga some time.
  7. Waders are worth the investment imo. Keeps ya safer....and opens up the possibility of fishing steelhead in colder weather. Good luck.
  8. i got stopped bt a ranger under the damn and he informed me i needed
    a special use permit to wade. he said it also let the summit metro parks cover
    their butts basically. its free you just have to go to the office on treaty line road to fill it out
  9. obxdave.....stopped by national park ranger or a metro parks ranger?
    whose office is that on treaty line rd?

    have not heard of this previously.
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    Metro Parks, Serving Summit County | 975 Treaty Line Road | Akron, OH 44313-5837 | 330-867-5511 | Fax: 330-867-4711

    hmm, here is what I found, seems there is a special use permits site for activities.

    not sure if this is what you were refering to tho OBX.

    after you go to this link click on the pdf area upper left that says special use permits
  11. Just a warning to the wise....
    I started wet wading the Cuyahoga and Rocky rivers last summer and soon picked up a urinary tract infection.:eek:
    I don't think I need to say more here.
  12. Crimp it with a clothes pin prior to entering?
  13. it was a kayaking permit that he told us to just cross it out and put wading
    and fishing. he was a metro parks ranger and a very nice guy.
  14. shouldn't pee while in the water! little thingy's swim up the warm current!!!!
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    you can get a pair of waders for 40$....hip boots for half of that... I would say waders are the best investment you can make for fishing....They almost double the area you are able to fish without them...Can't wet wade the walleye run or steel run because of water temps... If 40 bucks isn't worth not being in direct contact with crap?... I just don't know what to say... I have been down at cascade and grossed out with my waders on...Nuff said...
  16. Agent47

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    I know in the Amazon there are things in the basins that would make you think a few times before making the World your urinal, not sure about here.
    I know when I was in Follansbee WV and Wellsburg WV doing flood disaster duties of 2004 when the Ohio river flooded we had to have Tetanus and Hep a-d shots along with Titer. Hep D is relativly new and some hospitals didnt have the Titer for it so we had to wear waders. One thing to note, unlike a river this was due to floods so the situation is a touch differant but not by much, I would still wear em just to protect yourself as with times now you just dont know.
  17. Brings up the question, How much is poop free wading worth? Might be a heated debate. LOL

    Good point Dan!

    Where do I get oversized waders at? I wear a size 14 shoe, wide width preferable for most makers. My calves are 19" around and my thighs are 27" around. Think I can find a set to fit? Oh, By the way, inseam around 34". Some 32" inseams fit but most are short.

    I used to have some hip boots but they were TIGHT around my calves and thighs, especially if I wore anything thicker than thin denim under them. Heavy carhart canvas pants made it a no go situation.

  18. Ouch!!! Think I'd rather go with waders
  19. Funny crimp it......

    Anyway I just bought a pair boots 17.00 at walmart work ok can only go as deep as the top of the boot. Just wishing I wasn't such a cheep A$$ and bought the 24.00 hip waders from Dicks..
  20. I love to fish as much as the next guy, but wading in crap or should I be more specific human crap. At some point you just have to say what the heck am I doing.