Wading Staffs?

Discussion in 'Steelhead Talk' started by Ruminator, Nov 10, 2008.

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    Now that I've found I love steelheading, I need to compensate for some slight imbalance issues that develop occasionally.
    My thought is that a collapsible wading staff would be perfect.
    Anyone able to make some recommendations?
  2. spend about 55-100$ Carbide tip, and made by a reputable "sp" company! A ski pole will work, but not the best solution!

  3. Its not collapsable but i use an old graphite gold club driver that i heated till the head came off. It weighs next to nothing and i just carry it hooked to the back of my vest on a scissors hook for easy removable when needed.

    I did have a simms collapsable one a few years ago and it was nice but to much trouble to use. I actually prefer the golf club shaft. The ski pole would be the same but heavier and nosier
  4. Folstaf, & go with the 3/4". They ARE pricey, but what is your life worth?
  5. I have one of these and it works great.

    Go to Bass Pro Shop site.

    White River Fly Shop™ Wading Staff with Compass $29.99
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    If you are wading in water where your safety is a concern (and i stupidly have) it is probably your best bet to steer clear. There is no fish worth that. I don't think a wading staff is a life saving device as much as a small amount of help with balance. If you are wading in questionable water( and i highly discourage it) you should be wearing a life jacket vest.
  7. I agree it's not a life saving device, but you can drown in very little water or hit your head. I will not play with dangerous water either, but in wading, you WILL encounter some tough spots & a good dependable staff can be invaluable. IMHO, spending around $100.00 for the best staff is a small price to pay for safety.