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    Was approached by a wildlife officer who asked a few of us fishing to show our fishing licenses. No problem at all I always buy one and always carry it. I showed him the license and then he asked for my drivers license also. I was shore fishing on this day but I asked him "do I need to have my ID on me as well as fishing license when I am wading?" He told me I did. Why the hell is a fishing license not a picture ID then???:confused: I would have to think that most guys would be happy with fishing license and leave you alone after that. I had to go to my car grab my ID then come back. I thought it was completely BS and was wondering if you have to show ID even though you have fishing license.
  2. its happen to a few times at ladue license,boat reg,and drivers.i asked why,and he told me people borrow fishing license from friends and pic id is needed.

  3. steelheadBob

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    I can always borrow a fishing or hunting lic. Ive been asked alot of times by odnr for both. "Alot" in steel season.
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    I have no problem with them checking esp. during steelie season but if they want picture ID then the fishing license should be an picture ID. The guy was just a @$5$ and I felt like he singled me out. He actually let some guy just pack up and go who had no license and he gave him no ticket.
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    your should have some sort of photo id on you when you leave the house.IMO
  6. with the cost of non resident license so hi ,,I was told they find a few out of state people with resident license's
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    What is a license or anything worth for that matter if you can't prove it is yours with a picture ID?
  8. shroomhunter

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    Just barcode our foreheads and they can scan us
  9. misfit

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    i'm not sure if the law requires you to show any other id while fishing,but would be interested to know.personally,i don't see the need,and would question the neccessity,as when i was a river rat and did a lot of wading,i wouldn't always carry my wallet/dl.
    in all my years of fishing,i've bought a license every year since the mid 60's and always carry them.but in all the times i've been checked,i can't remember being asked for other id.
  10. zachtrouter

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    Thats what I mean I dont take my wallet with me when I wade. Not worth the risk IMO. What if I didnt have my wallet with me would he of made me stop fishing because I didnt have picture Id?
  11. I guess I am confused on this one a bit. I have never been asked to supply a driver's license or other ID either. When I read in the fishing regs this is the only thing it states about it.

    Nothing is mentioned about other ID. I can see their reasoning for asking for other ID but I can't imagine how they can require one to show it when it is not stated that you must have it with you. And what if someone does not even have a driver's license or other ID?
  12. All I could find was this on the ODNR website:
    License Requirements

    A fishing license is required to take fish, frogs, or turtles from Ohio waters.
    Persons fishing in privately owned ponds, lakes, or reservoirs to and from which fish do not migrate, are not required to have a license to take fish, but must have one to take frogs or turtles.
    Persons fishing in privately owned ponds, lakes, or reservoirs that are open to public fishing through an agreement or lease with the Division of Wildlife are required to have a fishing license.
    Anglers must have their license in their possession while fishing and must show the license to anyone on request
    Nothing is said about a picture ID. I once watched another "fisherman" follow us around the Vermillion and could not figure out why he was not fishing. Had waders on, rod, etc. Finally he approached us from across the river bank and said hello and asked to see our license. He opened his fishing vest to show us his badge. I told him no problem...cross the deep water and come check it out. He whipped out some binocs and said and I quote "hold it up next to your face so I can read it and make sure it's yours." ??? There is no picture on the license so I was not sure what he was doing. At this point we were making goofy faces, holding our fingers over the bar code etc. He said he would "come arrest us if we did not stop making goofy faces because he was conducting official business in making sure it was really me who was the holder of the license." We just laughed and laughed the whole time. I get that he has a job to do but the hold it next to your face routine was a little much.

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  13. i'm not sure if the law requires you to show any other id while fishing

    ohio patriot act says so if at anytime a law enforcement officer asks you have to give up the info it would be in ones best interest.
    lets see---put my picture on my fishing license what a dilly of an idea.there goes the price higher no more online convenience
    put your wallet in a ziplock bag---i hate finding dead bodies with no id especially the ones with their buddies fishing licenses :)
  14. seethe303

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    I made a floating, neon case for my drivers license specifically for wading.
  15. RareVos

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    I thought it was legally required to show state photo ID to any law enforcement officer who requests it?
  16. seethe303

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    It is.......................
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    The old fishing licenses use to have your, age weight, height, eye and hair color. Now it only has your address and DOB. Maybe they should put these personal descriptions back onto current fishing licenses. I carry my fishing licenses on the back of my vest. My thinking is that any wildlife officer that asked for my licenses would figure that if it’s prominently displayed on my back that it would belong to the person it’s pinned to. I think your mannerism and attitude when asked plays a big part too. During steely season I’ve been asked many times by rangers to remove it from the carrier so that he could read it better but I’ve never been asked for my driver’s licenses to back it up.
  18. not what I learned in the academy. An LEO must have reasonable articulable suspicion before entering into a non consenual contact. (one that the person being stopped has to comply with the LEO's orders, and is not free to leave until released) An LEO can ask for ID anytime, however if you are walking down the street and the officer does not have reasonable articulable suspicion, you do not have to consent to giving them ID.

    With that being said, be careful, just because you may not have done anything wrong, does not mean that the officer does not have reasonable suspicion. If someone matching your description just commited a robbery or someone said they saw you commiting some other crime, or any number of a hundred other possibilities. If an officer were to try to stop you under one of these circustances and you told them to pound salt, you would probably catch a resisting or obstruction charge, even though your only crime was not obeying what the officer said. Also there are times when there is a presumption and the officer does not have to prove his suspicion. (arrest warrants, sobriety check points, etc.) Fishing may be one of these,and as such if an officer asks you have to provide.
  19. It is not required....this is not nazi germany. Law enforcement may want you to think it is required, but it is not.
  20. I could not find anything requiring Ohio driver's license along with fishing license. Driver's license is only required to be on your person while driving car. No law requires carrying OL at all times. So as far as i can tell fishing license alone should be good enough.