Wading for eyes at Mosquito

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  1. Need advice ? I want to put on some waders and catch some nice eyes. When do the eyes start coming in ? Is it water temp or what ? Also were are the best places to wade ? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm new at this game. Thanks.
  2. i have never fished WB, but typically in the rivers i fish the eyes move in when the water drops into the low 50's and stay until it freezes. you can always get a few at night through the year pretty much, but late fall is prime. alot of people like to wade beaches ect. i stay out of the water, those fish will feed in knee deep stuff at night and i feel wading spooks more fish than it helps you reach. windblow riprap or shallow sand/gravel flats near deeper water, always windblow, are my favorite areas

  3. RIVERKING, this is something that I know nothing about but am intrigued. Are you saying that you can fish in the local rivers during certain times of the year either wading or from shore and catch walleye? I love to fish for steelhead and I think it would be a blast to fish for walleye the same way. Please let me know. Thanks.
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    wading mosquito alittle after ice out is good.. You have a couple of good spots... south east side off of the old sunken bridge, off of the point by the yaht club and the big sand bar just north of the state campgrounds... Small jigs tipped with minnows work well. I like using a floating jighead with a flour. carbon leader on 6lb line with as little of a egg sinker i can get away with...In the fall we used catch alot wading over to rattle snake island when the lake is down, and fishing the sand bar east of it. but i havnt done that in years...
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    plain white jig head and minnow. fish off the points in the state park that face south. you can also fish off where people get the boat ready to launch. that bay right on the curve is dynamite sometimes. be careful fishing there. theres some big rocks that will trip you and make you fall in. i speek from experience on that one. there are also some big walleye hidding in those rocks. theres a road bed in that bay also. i like to fish the point facing north. i am usually alone over there because its all the way out and can be very wavy and hard to get to when the wind is from the north. but let me tell you. when the wind in in your face on that point, the walleye have on the feed bag. i dont fish it in the fall, just the spring. ive have been thinking about trying it this year after dark. like they do it in erie. casting Husky jerks..humm. i have pulled some nice pike and bass there too.
  6. Babadoo,

    Wading is good in the fall at Mosquito in the areas that EZBite mentioned above. Late September and October can be very productive on those points casting jigs and minnies, usually when the water starts dropping into the 50's. Good Luck