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    Does anyone have any suggestions on what to buy and where to buy some good cheap waders.... im kinda on a budget so i dont want to buy anything expensive.... however, i dont want to buy cheap because i dont want to have to rebuy next year... any great deals anywhere??? what shouldnt i buy? also someone told me to spend my money on wading boots instead of the waders themselves due to the fact that no matter how much you spend on waders... they all are bound to break/rip... truth?
  2. Go to the cabelas web site. For the money there 3mm stocking foot can't be beat, have had mine for two years.And I walk miles when I fish,no leaks or any problems they also come in tall or stout sizes,I'M 6-5 they fit.I think there around 55.00 . there cheapest boots are around 50.00

  3. Cabela's is always good advice! I favor inexpensive breathable waders...you can layer with fleece pants (about $20.00 at TMF in Ravenna) to stay warm in cold weather or wear light pants/shorts in warmer weather. I don't think it necessary to spend hundreds on waders...none of 'em are bulletproof. I spent the money on wading boots...bought Korkers with the interchangeable soles & love 'em, but you can also pick up inexpensive Hodgmans that'll do just fine.
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    Started using my Dan Baileys I got a few months ago. They are really nice and light weight.