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  1. I cant find many fishing waders on the net under 100 bucks (ones i like anyways).
    I found some hunting waders at the price I like.They look good and stuff.
    Waders made for hunting will do just as good fishing right?

  2. they should.....just make sure they have a boot...
    i've seen some hunting waders that you but you favorite boot over.

  3. Where are some good place's to buy waders on or off the net.

    The ones i saw are from cabela's. Herter's make's them, there 2-ply and have boot's.
  4. i think herter has a web site and they have an outlet discount. you should check it out :D :D
  5. hunting ones are great if you fish in the early spring and late fall or winter assuming you get neoprene ones. they are worth their weight in gold when ii'm duck hunting (this saturday is gonna be cold) or during the walleye run on the maumee when the water is really really cold. they get a little warm in late spring. come summer i rough it with trunks and an old pair of shoes so its not really a problem. gander has a great pair for 100 bucks. nice camo pattern (i'm assuming you don't are about that though) and really comfortable.
  6. man that sucks about the web site...they had an outlet shop on line and everything....
    but mojos right you cant go wrong....
    i wade a LOT!!!!!
    i fish the maumee run and man that water is cold.....lol
  7. Bass Pro Shops is running a sale right now. A few pairs are below $100.
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    I just did a search on ebay for waders and they have a ton for bid. I bought mine off there 3 years ago and I'm very happy with them.

  9. I have the Bass Pro Shops White River Stocking Foot Waders. Very comfortable. They are lightweight yet durable. I have walked miles through wooded areas and have not had a single punture. A friend of mine has the same pair that have been used more. No puntures in his either. A stocking foot breathable wader is the way to go. I also have the Red Head Classic Wading Boots (lace up style with lug nuts). These have held up very well.


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    try wingsupply.com...sportsmansguide.com...sierratrading.com bargainoutfitters.com(brother co.to sportsmans.com).gander mountain stores has their own brand called guide series, but not available on the web.