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Waders Are Fishing Mosquito

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by CAUSEWAYCREW, Mar 23, 2005.

  1. Yesterday Afternoon 4 Waders Were Out On The South Side Of 88 Causeway- By The Launch Ramp. I'm Not Sure How Well They Did, Because When We Closed They Were Still Out.
    Quite A Few Fisherman Were Out On The Causeway Also. They Were Getting A Few Bites, But I Didn't See Any Fish Yet. I'LL Let You Know As Things Start Happening. Linda
  2. Cool to take a boat out there yet??????

  3. Yes, But Only On The South Side Of The Causeway At The Ramp Across The Street. The Park Guys Were Here All Day Yesterday Cleaning Out All The Debris Around And In The Ramp. So It's O.k. To Go. But I Haven't Seen Any Boaters Out There Yet. Maybe Today.

    See Ya Soon, Linda
  4. Mr.Bass.

    Mr.Bass. Banned

    Hey Linda, any bass fishing reports?
  5. fishinrudy

    fishinrudy Part time fisherman

    Just so you know the south end of the lake and the marina ramps are still crazy frozen. I heaved a couple of 5-10 # rocks into the air and when they stopped they had barely broken through the top slushy ice and were embedded a couple of inches with more to go. I guess I should have paid more attention to The Causeway Crew. They told me the ramps across the causeway were open but not on their side, so I just figured I would drive up 3 hours and put in at the marina. (that's where our tournament launches from and so it is the only ramp I have used) Imagine my dismay to find out that I should have brought an auger and a shanty instead of my Skeeter. Oh well back home I went. At least the ice is off at Alum Creek!
  6. Hey Rudy! Good to hear from a new member! :rolleyes: Linda will tell u ive done the same thing. :p Felt good gettin there! :D Fished the 88 way today for a couple and nottin on the south eddies. Need some more rain!
    The birds moved with the ice and its patchy on the north side. Crappies must love the run off! Temp at 38 on the banks! :eek: Perch are still at the tail and a guy said there was a nice eye caught at the railbridge! ;)
  7. does anyone know a bait shop # that i can call for mosquito
  8. I believe the bait shop on 88 lists them in the ohio bait forum :cool:
  9. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    The Phone #s For All Mosquito Lake Sport Shops :
    Lakeside Sport Shop ---330-637-2862---Rt.305
    Monty's ------------330-638-5598---Rt.88 West Side Of Causeway
    Mosquito Lake Marina--330-637-2075--Inside State Park
    Dockside Marina--------330-637-7686--Rt.46 In Mecca
    And I Might As Well Include Mine,
    Causeway Sporting Goods/ Causeway Bait & Tackle---330-637-7076
    East Side Of Mosquito Lake On Rt. 88
    Hope This Is Helpful To You.
    Also I Am Listing A Number For The Corp Of Engineers Which Has A Prerecorded Message Of The Water Temps, And Water Depths, And More Info About The Lake. 330-638-0162
    Might Come In Handy.
    If I Can Help In Any Other Way -Just Let Me Know. Linda
  10. Thanks Linda. That's very helpful.

    In two weeks, when I'm working 2-10:30, I'll come up one morning for some causeway fishing and I'll stop in and say hello.
  11. CAUSEWAYCREW thanks for the phone # now that Im retired will be coming to see you gals quite a few times hope you keep reporting the fishing reports they help thanks again
  12. Fishinrudy....why Didn't You Just Pop Over To Our Side And Get A Few Hours Of Fishing In...instead Of Driving Back Home? We're Nice Over Here On 88 And We Don't Bite. Linda
  13. Mr.Bass.

    Mr.Bass. Banned

    Is the state park ramp still iced over? I was going to head out tomorrow.
  14. I Just Called Over To The Park For You, And They Told Me It Was Still Iced Over. But It Is Thinning Down Some. So As Of Now You Can't Launch There. Mabe In A Few Days. Sorry , Linda

    If You Just Can't Wait To Get Out On That Water And Decide To Come Over To Our Side On 88, Stop In And Please Introduce Yourself. I Feel I Know Each Of You Through This Site.
    And I Would Like To Put A Face To The Names. Linda

    Causeway Sporting Goods-- Not In...but On Mosquito Lake.
  15. Mr.Bass.

    Mr.Bass. Banned

    Thanks Linda if we get out there I will stop by. Thanks Again.
  16. I was up at the state ramp last night and it looked open from the dock across the street. Caught two eyes below the dam and a guy had 3 nice ones. They shut off after the moon set. I think they come in to hit the perch after thier spawn. ;) The perch are trapped!
  17. any reports from mosquito today? I am thinking about heading out in the morning to do some fishing at the causeway or below the damn, is it worth the drive (hr 15)???
  18. I Really Don't Know What To Tell You. I Do Know That There Were A Few Reports That They Were Catching A Lot Of Perch On The South Side Down By The Spillway. And They Were Getting A Few Bites On The 88 Causeway (crappies And Perch).but I Didn't See The Fish.
    I Asked The Guys Today If They Caught Anything To Come Back And Get A Picture Taken, But No One Show Up Yet.
    Things Can Start Happening Any Time Now , Maybe It Will Be Your Lucky Day. I Quess You Just Got To Take The Chance. I Wish I Could Say The Big Bite Is On --but It's Not..not Yet Anyways.
    Thanks Linda
  19. I Heard They Were Doing Real Well On Walleyes At Walnut Run On The South End-- Off Of Mccleary- Jacoby Rd. Limiting Out For Most Guys.
    If You Go There Don't Tell Anyone There That I Told You, They Will Probably Get Mad At Me.
    In Fact, You Better Erase This After Reading It--hide The Evidence!