wadder size/thickness

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  1. What Is a good thickness for waders. I would like to geT something that would be comfortable year round. I was thinking to getting a pair around 3.5mm. I am not entirly sure so I thought I would ask around.
  2. llbean has some nice waders but I can't coppie the link-can't coppy and paste from I-touch.there breathable neosomething sock waders. They were the first choice under google. They were only $59.

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    The 3.5 MM will be fine. If you wear them in colder water or cold weather just wear a pair of long johns and a good pair of socks. You'll be fine. I wear mine Duck hunting as well as in the warmer months wading and they have worked for me fine for several years.
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    I've got a set of Redhead "Bonedry" neoprenes, and I belive they are 3.5mil, and I've never been cold in them.:) This thread reminds me, I need to check them for leaks...I haven't worn them in a year.:rolleyes:
  5. I used to have the kind with the boots. Im getting old now and after walking around for a hour my feet started to get heavy. So i bought a pair of sock waders and a pair of boots. BEST thing i ever did. They are very light and wear them in cold and in spring. I have a pair of Micro Fleece wader liner and they are great. I also bought a pair of hiking socks so my feet dont sweat. Why dont you go to Dicks or Gander Mnt and look at what they have.I did that and then ordered them on line from Gander
  6. Tom
    I was thinking of giving them a call and seeing what they had and what there prices were, but it was a little late.
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    I would suggest you by local. If you have a problem with your waders and send them back you are without for a while. I would also suggest you spend a little more and get a good quality wader, in the long run you will have less problems or leaks. Leaks are no fun!! I have Simms with stocking feet. Chota boots with man made rubber/felt bottoms with replaceble studs. If you fish all winter long like I do real felt on the bottom of your boots doen`t work in the snow.
  8. Peple
    If you go on line to www.cabelas.com look under breathable waders you will find i good selection to choose from. I bought the boots with cleats but not the flet. Had no problem with them.