Wacky Weather!!!

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  1. so whats everyones thoughts on how this wacky weather has affected the cats especially after this weekend with record setting temps and being that usually this time of year we are in sweatshirts ( this up coming weekend itll be chilly)and its nice and comfortable out, in talking with some of my fishing buddies, they have mixed reports of sorts catching fish shallow and catching them in deep holes. its kinda like the fish cant make up there minds on where to go LOL, i just think these weather patterns this year have really played a big role in fishing.
  2. i sure wish it would cool down soon, water temp is still 77 degrees on the GMR. once it hits the mid 60's the big feed will begin. we should be wearing jackets at night right now, but instead its shorts, sleveless shirts, and lots of deep woods off.

  3. The fishing has been weird here on the Tusc too...Ive been fishing a hole where it is 14-18FOW and have not been catching very good numbers, and there are only 2 other guys that fish this hole, Then I go to a public hole (same depth) that is lit up like a christmas tree most weekends and, last nite alone there were 4 flatheads caught between another guy and me, they were all smaller fish but Its just weird...
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    Yea I gotta think its got them confused. I fished from 11pm till 4:30 am on Senaca Friday night and tried everything drifting, shallow deep drop offs, with nice fresh caught live shad and only boated 3 small channels, also tried a spot last night (sun/mon) on the Scioto from 7pm till 2 am and got 1, 6lb flat and 2, 4lb channels. all were caught in less than 2 FOW, the deep holes werent hitting at all.
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    I took Mike Friday night and we got a little chill.
    Several channel cats but no flathead.


    We were glad to see the sun come up so we could warm up a bit.