W/b berlin milton did a drive by

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  1. wb is open ,one guy out there in a boat .orange jacket on , he was down by the west end. milton ,three guys fishing the spillway ...scim ice over the lake ramp is a mess ,don;t think you could launch. berlin open ramp ok. I:D be on W/B if I had my motor back.
  2. Hey Jim how full are these lakes ....might end up hitting one or more this week or weekend....berlin ,,milton:B

  3. Whaler

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    Eyeballs, check out this site for lake levels. USACELRP-WM-ReservoirReportand Forecast
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    Damn, I would have been on WB before sunrise this morning if I didn't have to work.:mad: It was 50F this morning at 5:00AM at my house.
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    today would have been a great day on any lake..
  6. w/b has plenty of water, berlin looks real low so does milton. anybody been by mosquito?? wonder who the fisherman was on w/b? real light brown color truck in the parking lot . one of the bunks is brokenon the trailer
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  8. It be me. The guy in the Orange jacket. Couldnt get west any ferther. Ice kept me on my toes and couldnt get around goose. Still vert from 8-30 feet water. Trolled 8-30 feet of water. Marked ALOT of fish. Some big some small. Alot of shad dying off and fish top to bottom. No takers!:S Just a nice day too fish.:D
  9. OK> chaunc ,I:M going to go buy my P/A lic today . before you catch the state record [lol]jim