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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by ezbite, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. ezbite

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    vise grip is heading to.........yep, you guessed it, china. its a shame, i heard 300 jobs losts.
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  2. Toxic

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    I have to shake my head and wonder why? Who will be left here in the USA to buy these products. If we have no jobs, we cannot buy products. Don't these companies get it?????

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  4. Senco tools are in China also.Getting ready to layoff the rest of its work force in Newtown Oh.
  5. misfit

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    don't worry,we're becoming a service oriented work force...............oh that's right.most of that is being farmed out overseas too:rolleyes:
    i hated it when i had to quit working,but now i feel lucky to not have to worry about losing my job:(
  6. Looks like I need to buy a lifetime supply before the move:( Haven't seen anything metal coming from China worth a crap!!!!!!
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    These companies that move their production overseas should be fined,big time, so that they would think twice about moving. My company built a brand new plant in China two years ago and they are taking a lot of our work. I heard from one of our engineer's that the workers make 5 to 6 bucks a day. How can we compete with this crap? Politicians in Washington get their pockets padded from kickbacks form these companies and the only kickback we get is a kick in the butt! Something has to be done or we are not going to have any work left.
  8. They will now be called kung fu grips.....
  9. Not until the tax dollars stop rolling into Washington DC will our elected leaders wake up. The Dems and Republicans both are responsiable for the mess we are in. Every Super power nation that has existed has also self destructed. Now its our turn and sad to say we are on ourway. We have lost our respect around the world and when that happens your done. Its only a matter of time from here on out.
  10. No# 2 .....Pencils are made in China now...
  11. I agree, If you like and use vise-grips you might want to stock up on them before all the good ones are gone. Thanks for the info guys, Now I definately have a reason to buy that big set that i've been wanting for the last few years.:)
  12. I saw in the paper last week that Hershey is headed to Mexico. Maybe the illegals will go back and work for them...