virus alert logging onto OGFC, Exploit.HTML.Mht

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  1. Updated my Virus software (F-secure internet security) over the weekend. every time I log onto the OGFC page I get an alert from my virus software that I have picked up the Exploit.HTML.Mht virus from this website. Does any one else get this?
  2. Phil Carver

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    I was in the chat room last night and all of a sudden my whole pc shut down ! :( ever since then , I have not been able to access the chat room .

  3. DaleM

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    Phil, that happening shouldn't have anything to do with the site. Yes we did have a virus on the site but that has been taken care of. Run your anti-virus and adaware scan again and see if that clears it. I also had it but after running both it was deleated. Let us know if you or anyone else still has problems after running the virus and spy software.
  4. My Norton antiVirus program poped up on me over the weekend and said i had a virus this is the way it came up. Object Name: c:\documents and settings\owner\l...\ohiogamefishing[1].htm Virus Name Bloodhound.exploit.6 I ran a complete scan of all my files thought it was never going to get done It found 4 total of the same virus i could only quarentine one of them it wouldnt do the others. It also said that this virus was a low risk more or less like spyware i am going to run adaware and spybot and see if it will take care of them. This is the first time i have ever had anything pop up and my anti virus program is up dated two or three times a week i also run adaware once a week. Fishguy :confused:
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    Folks, all ads here have been disabled as we investigate the situation. They were disabled as of 1/3/05 at 10am ET. Thank you for your patience as we find out the root cause.
  6. So far, no problems here. I use AOL, just thought I would add some data to the investigation.
  7. DaleM

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    Gald you got it taken care of Phil. Be sure and run the program I sent you regularly.
  8. Thanks captn. Sure would like to see those pop's disabled permanently, but I can understand why they're there. OGF generates from 10 to 20 "dirty" objects on my PC after I perform a deep cleaning.
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    Here's what I do...scan for virus', block/delete all of them, open OGF, close OGF, run virus scan again and I get the same 3 virus' I had before. I only open OGF so they ARE coming from this site. Here is what the scan results say,

    BTW...thanks for turning off the pops
  10. What you have mentioned there LMNOP is spyware, not viruses.
  11. ShakeDown

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    Keep in mind too guys, a lot of these are difficult to remove, so when you think you have them removed you may not. All of the ones LMNOP has listed are not actively coming from OGF.

    Ours are all either fastclick or casemedia generated.
  12. Elamenohpee,
    Are you sure that these spyware are being downloaded from the OGF site? Did you do the same process of opening just one site, like maybe google and then re-run the scan to see if any popped back in? The reason I suggest that is that perhaps there is a DLL associated within your system that reloads the spyware anytime you open explorer. If they are a recurring problem you may be able to find directions via a google search on removing them manually which is sometimes necessary. I have had to do that on occasion with similar junk in the past (before I started running Firefox;)).
  13. Many times these adwares and such will not generate till a computer is rebooted or your browser has openned several or more new pages thus trying to hide their original place of origin...
    Most are not harmful...
  14. oh yea... I like firefox too
  15. Fastlane

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    I run XP Pro with sp2 and use the built in pop-up blocker. I have never had a virus related to this site. No ad-ware either. I use Norton System Works 2005 and AdAware and AVG Free AV with AdAware on a 2nd pc and my work pc. The viruses mentioned here and the adware are likely imbedded into your web browser so they automatically reproduce themselves every tme the browser is opened via a script or ini file. is a pain in the arse to completely rid yourself of sometimes. I have a friends laptop at home and it has it. Norton won't kill it. AdWare kills it but everytime I re-open the web browser it returns. I think I finally have it handled now but I won't know for sure until this evening.
  16. Look first to see if any of these have installed themselves normally on your system and created an uninstall script. To do so, go into your Add/Remove programs screen and look for any unwanted software to uninstall. If you do not find it in here search for removal instructions for that particular program and follow those steps. Here are a couple of links that may help in that endeavor.

    I hope this helps.
  17. Duh, I just now get what you guys are saying. I assumed when AdAware says it removed the objects....well, that it actually removed them! I never thought to run it twice in a row...without visiting any websites along the way. :rolleyes:

    This is why I like IBM mainframes. They never get sick :)
  18. ShakeDown

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    Just an FYI, always try to run your spyware/adware/virus removal tools in safe mode. A lot of the better written spyware loads automatically everytime you log into your machine. Items that load into your memory when you login, are impossible to scan out on the fly. Some scanners will tell you that they can remove it "on your next reboot", but 9 times out of 10 it doesn't work. The reason is, your scanner will need to load before the spyware does (upon reboot), and that timing is very difficult to accomplish.

    The only way to remove most of them (if they can be scanned out) is to do it in safe mode, because safe mode doesn't process your startup files or registry run key, both of which are responsible for auto loading your applications (like anti-virus software, instant messagers, etc..).
  19. Ruminator

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    Excellent advice Shake. ;)

    I just completed a deep scan of my entire computer that took most of seven hours. No viruses found. I'm on here several hours a day at this site, so I'm not sure what is happening for some of you.
    I do want to say to remove any concern, that like BigDaddy has said, some adware/spyware will be identified as viruses by some spyware removers.
    They are not the typical malicious viruses that usually come to mind, but are just being identified as a virus by the spyware cleaner program.
  20. My titanium Mac has never had a virus. My pc's are another story. Any one want to buy a couple of PCs.