Virginia Beach area, week after 4th o/July

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  1. I'll be in the Virginia beach area for vacation the weel after 4th of July. I'm wanting to get some fishing in with one day out with a charter guide. Anybody have the names or #'s of any guides. What should I be looking for at that time of year, like, what kind of fish or what area to look into. Thanks
  2. Charters are a blast sorry I don't have any numbers.

    While you are there try surf fishin'. You can have a lot of fun fishin from the surf. There are usually a lot of smaller species that put up a decent fight on light tackle like pinfish, spots, croakers, pompano, whiting, blues, and even small skates and rays. If you really want a tug on your line wait 'til the beach clears or go out early in the morning and get out your heavier gear. Catch some of those smaller fish and either hook 'em live or as cut bait. Cast as far as you can if high tide or into the cuts in the sandbars during low-tide with a weight that won't allow the waves to pull your bait back in to shore. You will catch big rays, big skates, sharks, cobia, and who knows what else. My brother actually had something strip him one day and he was using 80 lb. test with a ten foot pole and drag that wouldn't let loose if a 200# man was hanging from it.

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    If it was me, I would be doing some Cobia fishing in lower Chesapeake Bay. They are REAL good at that time. :B There also might be some offshore fishing too, but I'm not up to speed on that as much. Check out the following sites and ask them for more information:

    The first two links are from a site with GREAT fishing reports of the lower bay and offshore. The last was a club I once belong to when I lived in Yorktown.
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    My in laws always use Aquaman Charters. They've always caught fish, and been really pleased. Here's a link:
    I also wanted to mention a resturant, if you like seafood. There is a buffet called Captian Georges that, IMO, is the best there is. Everything except lobster on the buffet. If you like raw oysters, they only have them monday thru thursday, but have them fried and rockefeller on weekends. It's on the north side of I-264 on Laskin Road.
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    Second Captain Georges.... my cousin worked there while in college up until a couple years ago... great food

    I will be headed that way as well shortly before that... the family will be there the week prior to the 4th... meeting up with them there but sure on what days but I am hoping to find a make up charter for cobia or flounder

    not much of a tile fish eater and too cheap to fork out 200+ to go offshore for dolphin/tuna