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virgin steelheader

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by WINative, Sep 23, 2004.

  1. Hey Anglers,

    I caught a nice steelie on a long aglia mepps last night (about 7:30). It was a great fish, my first steelhead, nearly succmbed to buck fever. That plugger ran and jumped. I can't wait to try my flyrod!

    Here's my question: I haven't fished Erie much (grew up in WI, I've been fishing the Potomac & Canada for the last few) but just before the steelie I caught a mystery fish. It was white and gray, with relativley large scales, a non-suckerlike mouth, and fought hard for a $hite fish. What the devil was it? It was not a bad little bugger, and on the next cast I caught the steelie (perhaps a school in the stream?).

  2. That my friend, sounds like you caught the "elusive" freshwater drum a.k.a. the Sheephead. Its thought of as a garbage fish by most for their tablefare but they can put up one heck of a fight!

    Congrats on the steelhead! Did you catch it at the Fairport Long pier?

  3. Hi pymybob

    I caught many drum (sheepheads) on Lake Winnebago in my day, most of them monsters. We used to call them white perch (which I know now is not right), and we'd sell them for like a quarter a pound to the southern fellas (when I was a kid I worked in factories with a lot of people from Appalachia, and that's where I acquired a taste for squirrel). Well, I'm not sure what they are, but I believe the steelies were probably feeding on them, or perhaps the cromies were establishing their territory, but man, that was the best brawl I've had in my life. Keep in mind, back in WI I caught many northerns (that's what we call them), and I've never had a fight like this. Good fishin' boys.

  4. Where were you at when you caught it? I saw 1 caught on the short pier at Fairport about 7:15.
  5. Congratulations WINative, There really isn't too much to compare to a steelhead fight...maybe a tuna or a marlin :D :D. Now just make sure you take care of that fever...I think the old saying is "feed a fever and starve a cold", so you have a good excuse to get's what the Dr. ordered ;)

    BTW....pick up a cheap digi cam, you can get one for around $100 that will do just fine for outdoor pics....we need to see the fish
  6. Where in WI are you from? I am a transplant here myself from Southeast WI.
  7. That's what we call it. When I was a kid, we used to sit off Lorain Peir, when you could catch Walleye from there. I remember being so pissed everytime we caught a Sheephead, we'd just toss it up on the peir and the cranes would be just sitting there waiting, as they scooped the fish up whole and swallowed it down.

    They do give you a fight though. Never eat even anything that looks like one. You'll be sick for weeks! :confused:

    See you at the outing, if you are going to be there. Congrats on your first Steelie! A lot of guys are hooking them on spinners. Try any number two Super Vibrax spinners. The best colors, for me, are the Salmon colors, pink, pink and chrome, and salmon orange. I get mine from a guy on EBay whole sells them by three sets for dirt cheap. Here is the link:
    Anyhow, congrats!

    Flash, do you have a list yet of who is going to be there?


    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    Yes, I have a list. Yet, it is a bit early to get solid commitments from people. Plus, this is a show if you want, stay if you want event. No arm twisting I guess. I will post more details about the event in the weeks to come.

    congrats on the steelhead catch.