Video Recon, Maumee River, Toledo

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    First off, Looks very promising. 2d off, this is only the 2nd time I've used a Digital video camera. 3d off...just raw footage no editing or dressing it up. 1st lesson, take a tripod next time...2d lesson learn where the controls are on the camera...gotta practice. :p

    Picked up Shawn and headed up y'day. Great conversation...found the spots ok....snow increased all day, stopped at the new (1st time I've been to this particular one) BassPro (right next to I-75 but getting to it was fun..i'd have never made it without Shawn/gps) and on the way home sat in stopped traffic on I-75 for better than an hour due to several vehicle pile up and clean up :rolleyes:

    Additional Notes on the venue.

    - Fishing at International park is only dawn to dusk.
    - According to AK, when he lived in Toledo, it was sometimes hard to get a spot on the bank due to all the anglers at this downtown location. Can it be reserved?
    - Ak (called me today) great spring walleye fishing, buffalo (big ones seen), good for white bass and catfish too.
    - Ak also mentioned there was other accessible bank space just downriver after the bridge (Coliseum?), we didn't get there but that's where Ak always tried.
    - Location across parking, price and time limits unknown at this's gated.
    - Radio and TV station right there...coverage???
    - Mall of restaurants; seafood, mexican, others right there in park...
    - saw 1 porta potty...looked like someone living in it...froze up and full...clothes and trash on floor.
    - The ship you see in the park is a museum.
    - 40 restaurants in 1/2 mile according to GPS.
    - AK/Shawn chime in with the things I missed.

    GREAT time Shawn...even with the hour plus delay on the way home :)

    Final Note: Love this video camera stuff. Hope to do some more scouting this winter with it. Camp Perry? Huron Pier?

    View video at You Tube

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