Video of my green sunfish nest building & mating

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  1. I have a few green sunfish in my aquarium that are in the mood for love. The first video is of the male fanning out a nest and rejecting an interested female (I think he prefer's full-figured fish rather than skinny critters like her).

    The second video shows the actual mating (all fish in this video were of legal age and consented to be filmed):

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    can you provide picture id''s as proof of legal age?:p
    cool videos.and a good way to study them.

  3. you just have to sit back and wait a few weeks and BAM!!! FRESH BAIT!!
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    Would have been better with some 70's bow-chica-wa-wa music going on :D

    Also whats up with that no dinner and a movie, guess chivalry is dead.
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