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  1. I don't even know what to say after watching this.

    [nomedia=""]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/nomedia]


    and that is called fishing?

  3. Someone needs a beating!
  4. Nice. Video evidence of poaching. How to proceed?

    1. Find the house address. Should be easy enough seeing that ithe property is all over the video.

    2. Send the link and house address (with phone if public) to PETA.

    3. Let them do the dirty work.


    Print a few nice stills from the video (it's public domain, right?) and post a "wanted" poster at some public access points, mainly on the Chagrin. Maybe they need to be chased around in a confined area and beat with nets.

    It's amazing how the idiots of the world are stupid enough to video their stupidity so all can view it. It rates right up there with the guys who beat up homeless people on video, only to have the videos held against them in court.
  5. stcroixjoe

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    just a bunch rich/yuppie a-holes they need to get into trouble for there "guided" trip
  6. acklac7

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    Wow...thats like video taping/ "youtubing" yourself snagging walleye @ the Maumee. unbelieveable!

    Im sending the ODNR an email right now, I suggest everyone to do the same. These guys broke the law and they should charged with a crime, you might even send the DNR a link to this post too...I'll be up in arms if they aren't held accountable for their actions :mad:

    FYI: I made a copy of the video in case the "perps" delete the original. If you need me to repost it Let me know and I will upload it to youtube or some other video site ;)...And can you think of a WORSE sound track!!??? "Waiting on the world to change"!!!!!!???? This is just too much to comprehend...

  7. wow they act like a bunch of fruitcakes. They should get busted for the gay video alone.
  8. i guess one of them is French, well that explain everything.
  9. Toxic

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    That was pretty ignorant. If anyone hears if ODNR catches these idiots PLEASE let us know!
  10. steelheadBob

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    just sent the link to odnr
  11. stormfront

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    absolutely incredible. anyone know these guys? wonder if the man with the stethoscope is a doctor? bad enough for some poorer guy poaching to make a few bucks (not condoning) but the fact that the wealthy continue to think they are above the law is apalling. hope these guys get caught.
  12. stormfront

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    just sent mine too. sure hope we get some feedback. way to go arch.
  13. Id like to see the looks on there face when the ODNR comes nocking at there door. :D
  14. stormfront

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    got a reply from odnr. said officers will be looking at this this afternoon.
  15. can anyone say...."white and nerdy"?:p money will no doubt keep them from getting in trouble :mad:
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    Sick...nice of those guys to shoot plenty of closeups to make identification simpler for the ODNR though. I sure hope they find those idiots and make them pay!:mad:
  17. Unfortunately, not much, if anything, will happen from this. Only 'peer pressure' from others would have any affect. Guys caught in the act of poaching during the walleye run (snagging) or on the big lake (double/triple limits) get a slap on the hand from the courts. This will be no different. Unless they can identify the property and start from there, they won't go thru the trouble of trying to identify the great fisherman.

    It's sad, but true. Businesses caught poaching over a million bucks of perch and/or walleye thru commerial and recreational fisherman are still in business. This will be no different.
  18. I sent an e-mail to the ODNR and I hope that others do as well. Hopefully, if the ODNR gets enough e-mails, they will feel some pressure to act on this.

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    Shouldn't be too hard to Google Earth....big white house near tributary in Gates Mill...

    That would make for one interesting sign in someone's front yard with the link attached:D

    Or to put all over their hometown with photographs?

    This is why the human population needs selective harvest:p :mad:
  20. WOW why would you want to video tape something like that. Better yet why would you put the video on the net lol.

    Steel Cranium is right if anything happens at all it will just be a ticket and a fine. Which probably won't really matter to them. contacting the DNR prolly won't stop them from doing it either, they just won't put their videos on the net anymore.But good job on the emails to the DNR.