Video- Dinkbuster vs Goose!

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  1. got out today and braved the wind for a few hours to do some channel cat fishing on the GMR. spot i was heading to was about a half mile walk. when i arrived i was greeted with a big P-O'ed goose who just flat refused to leave! after trying to scare him off for 15 minutes, and getting bit a couple times i decided to bust out my phone and record some of the epic battle (videos at bottom, beware of some foul language). in the end the goose decided to give up the spot but was nearby the whole time i was there hissing and spreading his wings trying to scare me. was the trip worth it? sorta, i did get into some bigger channels, think i caught 8 in the 5-6lb range with the biggest being 8lb. BTW, goose was not harmed during this filming.

  2. bwhntr4168

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    chuck you need to find that spot and goose hunt it !! im sure dink wouldnt mind!!!
  3. Fishman

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    roflmao dink you hillbilly :D

    The goose was banded, and in the second video you can blantlantly see the nest (to the gooses right)..... comedy gold to say the least! I hate those damn things, work in their crap all day long.... litterally!

    Thanks for sharing the vids, I got a good laugh at'em!
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    Pretty cool! They get like that when they nest!!! Wasn't it from Top Gun,"Talk to me Goose!"

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    Whatever happened to squatters rights...! :D
  6. Thats a Sumo Goose at the sumo hole!!! Funny video, I was busy working 10 hrs this morning and 4 more tonight, I just got home to start it all over again tomorrow so it was a good thing I didnt go with you, I wouldnt have been as nice as you were.....Good job on the channels man!!

  7. When I saw your hand out, I swore you were about to neck wrangle and tickle his belly like you do the softshells and snappers, I bow down to the invinceble "Goose Buster" :p

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    Thats too funny Dink! good job on the channels!