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  1. Just wanted to vent here a minute. Buddy of mine had his boat sold to someone out of state they wanted some new items installed on it at vicks said we will remove old items .well my buddy gets his stuff that vicks removed only instead of removing transducer they cut the wire guy said it would take to long to get it out properly.tried to give him one that was also cut so my buddy had to buy a new transducer 65 bucks vicks said oops sorry im thinking that is some poor customer service 65 bucks may not be much to some people but it is to this guy .vicks will not be getting any of my money shame on you vicks
  2. If I was selling my boat and the new owner said they didn't want the old can bet your hip waders that I'd be the one removing them. In other words, unless your buddy was the one paying Vick's for this service, I don't see where he has a dog in this fight. I mean how do you know the new owner didn't authorize the wire cutting?

  3. Probably should have been clarified in advance what was going to be done, but FYI for your buddy, the transducer will work if the wires are properly spliced. Depending on where the cut was made, this may or may not be practical. Ideally if there is enough of the wire coming from the transducer where the splice can be made INSIDE the boat and kept sealed / dry you should be able to still use the old transducer. The wires will be pretty tiny. If you have enough wire to make the splice inside the boat somewhere, you might be better off getting a small terminal strip designed for connecting very small wires rather than just using butt connectors.
  4. well that would be tru except i forgot to mention that it was vicks that told him NOT to remove the electronics they would do it because they are pros and will do it right also would be helpful in installing new stuff so out of respect for vicks he did not remove the stuff still alot of nonsense for nothing because someone at vicks was to lazy to clip the zip ties basically
  5. Unless you expressly communicated to Vic's that you wanted to reuse the stuff and would like it intact, it's probably SOP for them to cut the 'ducer wires. For every transducer that I've ever run, it would be more than simply "cutting a few zip ties" to get it off. I can also think of a couple other reasons why the transducer cable would be cut, such as using the old cable to help pull the new cable through some tight holes.

    Nonetheless, if this is SOP, I would expect that they would at least make sure that you understood that the transducer cable would be cut.

    I'm unclear reading your initial comment as to whether your buddy expressed his dissatisfaction with Vic's, directly to a Vic's rep. If it is an older piece of equipment, it's doubtful that they would have had a replacement transducer to give him at that moment.
  6. I suggest your friend deal with Vic's directly.

    "Venting" one side of it that no one knows the full details of is not real productive. There is always more to the story, and from all I've seen and heard from Vic's and their service, it has all been positive.
  7. I'm sure Vic or Tom would make it right if you brought it to their attention.
  8. believe it or not vicks was dealt with numerous times in regard to this issue and did not make it right thats why i vented on here like i said poor customer relations from them my opinion
  9. Well, like I said, it's between your buddy and Vic's. If you have issues with them or the way they do business, contact them.

    OGF is not the place to bash them. They are an advertiser here, but I feel that way about ANY business bashing that goes on. So, please deal with them DIRECTLY.
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