Vick in the sportman's eye

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  1. Dog fighting is worse

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  2. UFC is worse

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  3. Confused by the double standard

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  1. I'll probably be sorry I started this, but it is quite the news event with lots of opinions.

    I am unsure where to stand on his screw-up. I see the UFC head bashing (which is legal) as drastically more barbaric than dog-fighting. What does this say about our human civility?
  2. Dog fighting is much worse. The human being has a viable choice to participate or not. He is also paid for his choice. Any manager ever dispose of a human fighter like Vick did to his dogs thet underperformed to his expectations.

    The dogs while they are being trained to fight kill other animals like kittens and smaller dogs. This is to give their fighters a " taste of blood. " I am no PETA member but how anybody could treat animals in this fashion sickens me.

    Hunters are often branded as being cruel. I am a former hunter and I never treated the animals I pursued or the the sporting dogs I trained in such a vile manner. I retired from hunting to pursue fishing full time.

    I also feel Vick is getting off too lightly.

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    the humans can TAP out and not get shot or drowned for it????????nuff said
  4. I can't believe someone would try to compare the two.
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    not the same.

    UFC fighters CHOOSE to fight. vick FORCED dogs to fight and die...

    i hope vick is made an example of, maximum sentence. but the way this f'ed up world works ....he won't do more that 8 months.:mad: MONEY TALKS:mad:
  6. Nothing against the individual who posted this, but I am really getting tired of hearing about this crap. Both Jones and Vick have issues and you can't turn the T.V. on anymore without some station covering these stories. These guys really give a bad wrap to all professional football players. The media really needs to focus their attention on more positive aspects of the sports nation. For instance, the Tribe and the Tigers have a really good battle going on at this point of the baseball season.

  7. Top Ten Michael Vick Excuses:

    #10 "House came with a dogfighting pit, and it seemed like a shame to waste it"

    #9 "Wanted to distract the public from crooked NBA referees and cheating baseball players"

    #8 "Judgment was impaired by playing with lead-based Chinese toys"

    #7 "I was training the dogs to...uhhhhhh...get Osama"

    #6 "Always wanted to be quarterback for a prison team, like in 'The Longest Yard'"

    #5 "Steroids made me all crazy"

    #4 "Eddie Brill told me I needed something big to close on"

    #3 "Oh like you've never run an illegal dogfighting ring"

    #2 "Thought I could get out of it by buying Kobe Bryant's wife a diamond"

    #1 "Fights weren't worse than what you see on 'The View'"
  8. Dog fighting is way worse. It may be the reason bully breed dogs were invented but ass hats are ruining the breeds and making them out to be worse because of dog fighting.

    IM a HUGE fan of bully breed dogs, I own an american bulldog and two of my buddys own pits. Everyone mistakes mine as a pit and it pisses me off because Im afraid with all these breed specific laws my dog is in danger due to ignorance.

    Im not here saying pitbulls are all great pets, a lot are not, because of being breed for wrong reasons and being miss treated. a pitbull breed for temperment can be socialized to be with other dogs and will be a great family member and a horrible guard dog, they were never breed to attack humans, excatly the opposite. Just dumb people ruining them.

    Im happy vick is getting some time out of this and hoping this will help stop some of this fighting, but I fear its going to also create more laws that hurt the breeds and responsible owners. They should be like a handgun. Gotta get the equivilent of an ffl to bread and take proper training classes to own, and cant be a fellon. That way you weed out the bad dogs, bad breeders, and the trash owners. Problems solved.

    Sorry for the short story and for going off subject, but Im very passonate on this. I never seen anyone get hung or drowned for losing a ufc fight or being to week to fight.
  9. I have a friend who had a pit bull for years...Spanky was an absolutely delightful dog, friendly & gentle as could be. I am appalled that the "Vick Clan" & others like them would purposely create the monsters they have & brutalize them for "sport?". Personally, I am 60 years old, view the playing of professional sports as a "privilege", not a "right", & I don't think the scumbag should EVER be paid to touch a football again. We need to return some honor & character to pro sports & that means to refuse to accept & reward poor character. My Grandchildren deserve better examples & role models.
  10. I think there is no comparison whatsoever between what Vick and his clan did and any modern day fighting, UFC included. Everyone involved in the UFC fights do so willingly. I am not a fan of it but again they are doing this on their own will. The closest comparison to the dog fighting in human terms would be the Roman coliseum of way back and thankfully we have grown out of those barbaric days.;)

    As far as whether Vick should be allowed back in the NFL after serving his time I hate to admit it but I think he should be allowed. If the NFL is going to become the moral compass for its players then they will need to remove more than Vick. There are plenty of other players that are worthless as role models.

    I think the most disturbing thing to all of this is that it appears that he is successfully dodging all of the rest of the charges by his confession. Only getting a year for all of the things that he has done is ridiculous. They were parading around all of these charges as long as your arm and now all he is convicted of is dog fighting. Nothing yet on the killing, gambling and anything else that they found.:mad:
  11. I argued in fannation for 2 hours yesterday with a group of guys that compared Vick to a Deer hunter. They tried making the statement that deer hunting and deer hunters were worse.
  12. Some people either just have no clue or no values whatsoever and will support someone no matter what they do.:rolleyes:
  13. May I jump your post?

    Ya forgot the CHILDREN? All for the CHILDREN, an age old sympathy ploy, Dictators use it, & especially some of these LOW DOWN POLITICIANS, & gungrabbing site's all for the CHILDREN

    But 1 IMPORTANT NOTE; HE FOUND JESUS he is saved.,
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    I think he should go away for longer than a year for sure. The judge can still impose up to eighteen I believe and he his a dog lover so you never know what he may do. On the other hand the race card is being thrown on the table and this could influance sentancing by the judge. He is a dog killer no matter what color he is, That is the issue not race. He is also a role model, number one selling jersey in the NFL. How does this effect our kids when this is what is seen to be acceptable behavior, he has to made example of. Also not to long ago a couple of guys in Dayton were busted on dog fighting charges and they are doing several years for there crimes, by the way they were white guys. THis kind of crulity has no color. S
  15. I agree that dog fighting is worse, but at the same time I feel for Vick. A lot of people grow up in Dog Fighting atmospheres and see it as another hobby. Im sure his family members or whoever he was around had been doing it for years and he just got mixed up in the culture. Either way, he had to much to lose. It is similar to "cock fights," I know people who have done it in the past, they grew up with their uncles, fathers, ect going to these "Chicken Shows" and when they became older they were excited to get in on the action. Either way I hope Vick makes a difference in many peoples lives over this situation and makes it back onto the field next season.