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  1. NeoCats1 sent me a free sample of Vicious Fishing Floro and I thought I would post a review of it, since he was nice enough to send it. I used the 15# Floro as leader material since I'm not a big fan of using floro as main line.

    The line is strong! does not nick, or get that goofie stretch when you tie and slide a knot. It is easy to tie and does not twist all up when you are wrapping it. It really is good stuff! I'm sold! It holds up good with fish on it and is a joy to work with. I have 5 different kinds of leader material in the boat and I found myself using the Vicious line every time I needed more.

    Thanks again NEOCATS1.

    Tim Kline

  2. Just tied some on a spinning reel about an hour ago. I put 8lb on. Seemed like no matter which way I flipped the spool, I got twists. I made a few casts in my pond and the twists really was giving me fits. I'll have to pull it behind my boat next time. I also had a little problem with it wanting to spool off my reel at the end of the cast. I really want to learn to use floro, so I am going to really give this a chance. Do most people use flouro on casting reels or spinning?

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    I use pline fluorocarbon on both spinning and baitcasting reels for bass. I have never had a problem like that. Try spooling the line in a bucket of water. Drop the spool of line in a bucket and spool it that way. Or do it in shallow water in a lake etc.