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  1. Where is a good place in the North, columbus area to find Vibees?

  2. sowbelly101

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    I dont know of any place on the north end that carries a good selection, your best bet is one of the Gander stores.


  3. misfit

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    cheshire market near delaware lake should have least they used to stock them.
    gander does carry them,but often their stock s depleted and if you don't get there shortly after stocking,the choices are limited,as they generally don't replenish stocks too often.
    ordering online or by phone from jim corey(cripple creek bait)would give you a much better selection,as well a little price break.
  4. Thanks I will just order right from the shop. Chesire Market dont have any and are almost 4 bucks a piece.
  5. Columbusslim31

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    Old Dutchman Bait shop on Sunbury carries them. The selection isn't the greatest though. As a matter of fact, I'm not sure that they still have some in stock as of now. The greatest selection of Vibees I've seen is at R&R Bait and Tackle on Front street downtown. FYI, I have yet to see anyone selling Vibees for anything less than $3.50.
  6. I was at the gander in hilliard on monday and they still had a large selection of vibe-e's. Although it seems there will ALWAYS be one or two hot color/size combos in short supply. I stopped posting them on OGF for that exact reason.
  7. Clayton

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    Yeahh, I always get mine there, but I don't like talking about what patterns I use anymore. Anything with Chart is fine though, but some are better than others.