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Vibee Use for Saugeye

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by MOBY, Feb 27, 2005.

  1. MOBY


    I'm not too familiar with Vibees, but I am going to get some soon for the saugeye bites. How do you use them, what size is best and what color is best for saugeyes.
  2. rockbass

    rockbass Banned

    I am a dummy when it comes to specifically targeting saugeye. some will vertical jig them, but I (being a banker) will just cast them and reel them back. sometimes I will cast and let it sink and then yank it off bottom and reel and drop reel and drop. worked a few times so far. I have also lost all mine so far too. I will be getting more from Jim before too long!

  3. Being a mere mortal in using the Vibee, I can tell you to look at Corey's posts on here or pick the brain of someone like RiverWalker. Both can give you a ton of advice for using the Vibee. I think the key to using them and detecting light bites by walleye or saugeye is to vertically jig them so the bait falls at the same as your rod. If you drop your rod too quickly you get slack in the line and the fish will spit it out before you ever know it was there.

  4. paco


    rockbass i use vibes when i fish the ohio river and used to lose them all the time . then i switched one of my reels to 25# power pro and haven't lost one since . i either flip the rock i get stuck on or straighten a hook out .

    MOBY i like 1/4 oz and any color that catches my eye . get some snaps to you don't want to tie them striaght to your line the action will cut through your line and swiviels tangle up when you are jigging them . as for how to use them rockbass and Warpath covered how i use them .
  5. shroomhunter

    shroomhunter USMC 1979-1983

    1/4 oz or 1/2 oz Limeflash, Goldtiger. Blue/silver, Black/gold.
    My favorites in order.
    Don't leave home without 'em!
    Go see Corey at Cripple Creek HE is the Vib-e King!! :D